Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Carice van Houten is a Singing Sensation!

Amsterdam, The Netherlands—In this incredibly beautiful city there is no shortage of art, entertainment or excitement.  It’s a natural place for the terrific actress, singer and world-class entertainer, Carice van Houten  who is a child of Holland.   
I fell in love with Carice’s many talents when she starred in the Paul Verhoeven Film, Black Book.  I expect this incredible and exciting young woman to be getting an Oscar bound film role any day.   
Carice completed a brand new album, See You On The Ice which is due to be released on ITunes on September 28.  
Carice was a guest on a Dutch DJ’s radio show and sang two selections from her album.  This sneak peek was a real treat for me to watch and now I must pass her on to you!

At the very top of my Bucket List is winning a video interview of Carice for this blog! Somehow I think that will happen when I'm in Amsterdam or Carice is in L.A.
Black Book is available on Blu-Ray at Amazon.com.


Anonymous said...

Paul, thanks again for letting us know about this little Dutch cutie!

Anonymous said...

WOW! She's something special!

Anonymous said...


Very easy on the eyes and a nice voice... She looks just a little hungry though! (^: I''ll cook up something nice...