Monday, September 03, 2012

Inside The Drew Peterson Trial. Savio’s Divorce Lawyer’s Testimony Accuses Stacy Peterson of Criminal Extortion and Telling Lies.

Drew Peterson     Photo by Paul Huebl
Joliet, IL—I present to my readers the actual Drew Peterson trial transcript of trial testimony that's attached below. But first a few words.
In the  trial of retired Bolingbrook police sergeant Drew Peterson the testimony of divorce lawyer Harry Smith tells a really sordid story through unprecedented hearsay that does not belong in any American courtroom. 
Smith said that the young missing wife of Drew Peterson, Stacy Peterson called him for advice on divorcing Peterson and grabbing his assets.  She told Smith that she wanted to use information she claimed would implicate Peterson in Kathleen Savio’s death as leverage to get a large cash payout.  Stacy wanted to Blackmail her husband.
Smith had no business even talking with Stacy at all since he had an obvious conflict of interest.  If Smith is telling the truth here, why did Smith not do his duty and call the cops?  He had no lawyer/client relationship with Stacy and was free to disclose what was vital information.  The real reason for Smith silence is obvious in that he knew she was a liar and never believed what she said. 
Stacy told more than one person she wanted to disappear and she was dating several young men.  If there was or is foul play in her disappearance none of her boyfriends were properly investigated.  We can only guess what happened. 
As for Smith’s testimony it has been warped, exploited and misquoted by the Tweeting Peterson Trial Harpies and the mainstream media.   Read it for yourself and it will open your eyes to the media’s disinformation.


Anonymous said...

Great Job Paul, you da Man!

Anonymous said...

Smith should br disbarred [Like the Obamas] for unethical professional conduct. If obamaland wasn't Communist controlled, he probably would be.

Anonymous said...

Checkout SCC's rebuttal to the assault on liberty by the BGA.

The big guns have fired!

Long Live Freedom and Da Cock!

Anonymous said...

6th Sept 2012

Sorry Paul

I know you were rooting for Drew Peterson.

I don't know what the issues are that he can appeal on?

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