Friday, September 14, 2012

The Raw Power of Video Literacy Unleashed!


Los Angeles, CA—I have an amazing power that can be used for good or evil.  I have some really nifty equipment and knowhow to make movies.
Today’s incredibly wonderful and powerful filmmaking tools are really affordable and easy to use.  
Cameras, microphones, lights and a MacBook Pro have allowed me to influence the world.  I have few limits under our Freedom of Speech rights and personal sensibilities that restrict the content I choose to produce.  I’m limited only by my own imagination as to what I can create.
In this town getting slave actors is as easy as posting an ad on Craig’s List or the Backstage.   Casting your film from the hungry actors that show up is a snap.  They will settle for being fed and a copy of their scene for their professional reels.
If you have any kind of a budget you can make a SAG-AFTRA sanctioned film generally giving you access to better quality talent.  
Green screen technology allows me to inexpensively place my actors virtually anywhere! 
YouTube and numerous other video sharing sites will provide the audience.  You can also fan the viral flames by sending links to the folks that would absolutely love to hate your project. 
That’s why it should be no surprise that millions of ignorant savages can be turned into violent robots that will commit murder and all manner of mayhem.   If you can simply manage to insult their sensitivities and direct them to a specific target they will ruin someone’s day for sure!
This is that ultra low budget short film that has stirred the raw and homicidal emotions all over the Mideast.

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JeremyR said...

It still makes me laugh that the Pedophile Mohammed was portrayed as a prophet.
There is an acid test in the Bible for prophets. Something they predict has to come true. Saying I will return to Mecca aint a prophesy.
Too bad we don't handle it like my father would have. You want something to be angry about? I'll give you something to be angry about... Bombs ports, electric generation and water production facilities while destroying their air force.
Thats what we need to do.