Thursday, September 13, 2012

Vertical is Wrong!

The incredible Dutch film star  Carice Van Houten
Los Angeles, CA—I’m a life long photographer and I’m into video production these days in a big way.  The days of film cameras are over and the TV widescreen is here to stay.   We rarely hang portraits of vertical images on our walls anymore.  Why are people shooting video and stills vertically?
The images people post everyday on Facebook or their web pages are often breathtakingly beautiful.  We just have to remember what the media source will be to exhibit our art.  It’s increasingly rarely going to be vertical! 
Shooting vertical video is a waste of space.  Learn how to frame your shots for your TV screen.  It’s often better to put your subject on the right or left side of the frame rather than in the middle.  It also give you room to put fun graphics next to your subject. 
The stunning picture above is of my favorite actress Carice Van Houten.   Of course beautiful Carice looks great vertical, horizontal or even upside down!  But please try to keep her horizontal!
Maybe this video will help you!

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