Friday, August 31, 2012

Snookered Media Organization again uses Proven Liars, Stark and Wawczak to Smear Drew Peterson

Like vampires risen from the dead,  Len Wawczak and his wife, Paula Stark
Bolingbrook, IL--Len Wawczak, 45, and his wife, Paula Stark, 40, are a couple of deadbeats.  They were and still are desperate for cash.  They were involved court collection lawsuits and filed Bankruptcy just before retired Bolingbrook police sergeant, Drew Peterson was charged with murder.  
When the Drew Peterson investigation went high profile the tabloids came to town and provided some short-term financial hope for this troubled pair.  They had known Peterson so they put themselves out for the media and police as spies.   
This pair claimed they could get Peterson to implicate himself in criminal activity on tape.  Police wired this couple for months and despite numerous recorded conversations with Peterson they completely failed to trap the retired cop.
They pair lied to various media organizations claiming that they had trapped Peterson on tape with damaging statements.  Of course there were none and the police investigators and prosecutors quickly distanced themselves from the devious duo.
Wawczak and Stark have no value as witnesses to anything including the Peterson Prosecution.  However, the In Sessions show at Headline News fell into their web once again.  In recent years the media seems to have lost their ability to vet their sources.
Additionally, Wawczak was stupid enough to threaten and physically attack Peterson in front of news cameras.  I hope he got paid some cash for his antics because he was arrested and brought to justice in criminal court for battery.
This pathetic couple has risen from the dead like vampires in the night.  Does anyone have a couple of wooden stakes and a mallet?

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