Sunday, August 26, 2012

Drew Peterson and the Prosecutor’s Case

Drew Peterson   Photo by Paul Huebl

Joliet, IL—The prosecution in the murder trial of retired Bolingbrook, IL police sergeant Drew Peterson is taking its last gasp. 
The Illinois Legislature put their foot on the scales of justice by enacting the, “Drew Peterson Hearsay Law.”  That allowed gossip rather than sworn direct testimony be used as evidence in this trial.  They still, have yet to make a case for murder.
They put up two forensic experts that were convinced that Kathleen Savio was murdered based on their re-examination of remains that had been decaying in a grave for over three years.  They may be right but it’s only their best guess and speculation.
Of course there is the original investigation and autopsy on fresh remains that were determined to be the result of an accidental death.  We can’t now guess that if the first group of investigators and experts did a better job what the results might have been.  It is what it is.
The problem with the prosecution, their investigators and experts is that none of them could recreate the event.  They can’t even say how Savio received her scalp wound or if or when the scene was somehow rearranged.
Nobody can explain how Drew Peterson could enter the house since the locks were changed and he was not welcome there.
Savio was prescribed mood-altering drugs but apparently was not taking them.  She hated Drew Peterson and made no secret of that fact as she fought in court for his police pension and other assets.  It’s a reality that divorce litigants seek favor from the court by making extreme allegations during court proceedings. 
The missing Stacy Peterson is really not a part of this case.  Many people want to believe she is dead and that Peterson murdered her.  That case has lots of huge problems.  Unanswered questions are all around, none the least of which is where is she and if she’s dead, how’d she get that way.
Stacy was another woman troubled by a crappy marriage to Drew Peterson.  She consoled herself with dating other men. 
There are two very troubling hearsay witnesses in this mess.  One is the preacher I call Rev. Bootycall.  This religious leader meets his attractive, troubled and married lady followers, not at the house of worship, but at coffee houses.   I hope I’m not the only one that sees how inappropriate that conduct appears. 
 I consider Rev. Bootycall an opportunist looking to expand his fan base and celebrity His “contribution” here will certainly help in that regard. 
The next pathetic soul is the alleged hit-man candidate.  This unemployed and unemployable loser is another opportunist.  Once the tabloids came throwing money around he “suddenly remembered” that Drew Peterson solicited him to murder Savio.  His hearsay testimony stands alone without a shred of evidence he’s telling the truth. 
Hearsay has been kept out of American courts for a reason.  The defendant must be given an opportunity to confront his accuser in court.  Drew Peterson has been denied that most fundamental right in the Will County Circuit Court.  That is what I call, government tyranny.
Even with the hearsay, there is insufficient evidence of a crime and no evidence beyond the motive of an uncomfortable divorce. 
The Judge should grant a rare Directed Verdict of Not Guilty.  If that does not happen Peterson’s lawyers will have to offer up the sworn testimony of investigators, experts and perhaps an impeachment witness or two.  
As for the jury, they’re reading everything they can find on the web and other sources.  Some will hate Drew Peterson but some will try and be fair.  Getting a conviction from a unanimous jury should be difficult if not impossible.  We will have to see what the near future will hold. 


Anonymous said...

Why did they pass a law in Illinois permitting hearsay evidence to improve the government's chances of nailing Drew Peterson? In California the government managed to put Scott Peterson on death row with no evidence at all!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Why did they pass a law in Illinois permitting hearsay evidence to improve the government's chances of nailing Drew Peterson? In California the government managed to put Scott Peterson on death row with no evidence at all!

August 26, 2012 3:16 PM

Ir was a bill of attainder.I agree with you an the CA case,they really had nothing on the guy.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Raisingcains, it looks like the married pastor was simply out on a booty call, away from his own wife...

Anonymous said...

The Illinois Hearsay Law is Unconstitutional on its Face, and, in reality, the Criminal Justice System in America was actually invented to protect citizens FROM Heresay, by NOT allowing it, and instead only allowing legal evidence, corroborated testimony, etc.
Anyone remember the Salem Witch Trials, back in the 1600's, when heresay gossip from the towns citizens, about ugly, strange acting, or mentally-ill women got them stoned to death or burned at the stake for being Witches ? Thats what is going on today with Peterson and the Illinois Hearsay Law.
Democrat Women will be in big trouble if this continues, ala Salem, Mass, in the 1600's.

JeremyR said...

For my two cents, I think he is guilty. I acknowledge that they have zero on which to convict him. My guess here is they were banking on a jail house, make that jail louse confession to gain a conviction.
Not every crime gets solved. thats a sad hard fact, one families of victims hate to hear and are almost never told.
Not every criminal pays in this life, but they all pay at some point. yes, I believe in GOD. I believe he gets the ones the criminal justice system misses.It sucks that guys like Drew Peterson who get convicted get death row, and typical street thugs who kill for turf or money get a slap on the wrist by comparison.
there is little justice in the American Justice System. What worse is we have the best system in the world. The only one better is Out-of-this-world.