Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Chicago’s Failed Gun Politics Just cost Taxpayers Well over $1 Million bucks!


Chicago, IL—As feeble-minded politicians responded to the U.S. Supreme Court,  McDonald vs City of Chicago ruling striking down gun bans by enacting a new one the taxpayers got raped yet again!

The NRA quickly filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of their members against the City of Chicago and Village of Oak Park.  After very expensive litigation the court ruled that the local government politicians were again violating the gun rights of law-abiding citizens.  The loser has to pay the legal fees of the winner. That amounted to $1,326,588.00
That’s only half the damage because the taxpayers were forced to pay for the legal fees incurred by the politicians.  The City claims they can't pay for cops to patrol the streets but that have lots of your money to waste violating your rights.
Today Federal Judge Milton I Shadur ordered Chicago and Oak Park to pay up!


Anonymous said...

It gets even better.
Oak Park doesn't have to pay because of a 2009 agreement with Chicago.


Anonymous said...

..and still Chicago continues the fight....