Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Drew Peterson’s Prosecutors Claim Their Cops are Incompetent, but were they really?

Drew Peterson   Photo by Paul Huebl

Joliet, IL—Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow has painted himself in a legal corner.  He’s trapped in a no win case where his theory is the cops investigating the case were incompetent.  Glasgow is now trying to sell a jury his theory that some more of his cops say the first crew mistook a murder for an accident.   The physical evidence has not changed.  There is still no significant evidence that indicates Kathleen Savio was even murdered or who may have killed her. 
We all know that bathtubs are deadly because healthy people do slip and fall in them.  I think we’ve all had a close call or two.  The problem here is Savio had a head wound and those all bleed profusely.  There was no blood shed outside of the tub.  There were no signs of a struggle.  The wound could have been easily been caused by contact while falling with any hard surface.  
We have an angry and now dead woman Glasgow labeled as a victim who was fighting over marital assets in her divorce.   Savio hired a locksmith to change the locks on that home she had exclusive control over.   That made it nearly impossible for Drew Peterson to slip in and do any harm to Savio.  
We also have a group of relatives of Savio that have sued Peterson in hope of gaining control over his property and other assets.  They have made themselves witnesses to alleged hearsay statements.  If they can frame Peterson and get him convicted, they win the gold!
Then there is Fox News, Geraldo Rivera and a well paid, grandstanding forensic pathologist, Michael Badden.  Years later, Badden performs a third autopsy on Savio's decayed remains and now guesses her death to be a murder.   There are numerous holes in Badden’s finding but he got tons of free publicity.
The exact cause and manner of Savio’s death is at best still undetermined.  It does look like an accident in every respect. 
What we don’t have is a single shred of physical evidence, a witness to the event under review or a confession from the suspect.
We have an audience of true crime story harpies that scream that Peterson’s 30 years in law enforcement made him an expert at getting away with murder.  These folks need to get a life. 
Peterson had a habit of dumping wives once they got, fat, old or crabby.  He replaced the old ones with very young women.  Some say he looked for his new wives at local high school proms. That behavior is offensive to a large segment of the population and Peterson may well deserve scorn for that failing.
Prosecutors routinely put their strongest witnesses on first and then hope their secondary witnesses can fill whatever gaps are left.  We’ve had five days of the state’s case and we’re still patiently waiting for anything at all compelling. 
The state has made two deliberate attempts to cause a Mistrial because it’s obvious that they know they can’t make even a weak showing.   They want to blame their failure on the judge rather than to accept responsibility.
We are still in America where we have fought war after war to preserve our Bill of Rights.  We cannot let Glasgow and an army of true crime harpies frame anyone for murder.   Peterson has been locked up without a trial for nearly four years.  It’s time to let him go since there is no real evidence.   
If we can destroy Drew Peterson with a bogus prosecution than any one of us can be next.     


Joel Brodsky said...

You are so right about this case being a threat to us all. If a politician, acting under intense media pressure, can throw someone in jail for 3 years without evidence and without the right to a speedy trial, then none of us are free.

Anonymous said...

That's nothing. You can now be indefinitely detained in these here United States, with no habeus corpus and no right to council for having a "I heart the Taliban" bumper sticker on your car. Obama can even label you a terrorist and have you taken out in your home with a Hellfire missile fired from a Predator drone.

Anonymous said...

"Peterson had a habit of dumping wives once they got, fat, old or crabby."

Who wouldn't do that if they could???? That don't make him a bad guy.

As for the inference by Glascow that the police were incompetent, talk about throwing someone under the bus?! How does the jury take that when the prosecutor has no faith in his investigative team?? And what about future cases? The States' Attorney in open court says the police are incompetent? Some defense attorney will pick up on that.

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Anonymous said...

Glasgow is a goof and should allow the career prosecutors to try the case.
While Drew Peterson most likely murdered his last two wives, the state lacks credible evidence to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.