Friday, August 31, 2012

Carice van Houten Rocks!

The lovely and talented Carice Van Houten ROCKS!

Amsterdam, NL—The amazing actress, singer and talented performer Carice van Houten has released a new music video, Emily.  This is part of an album, See You on the Ice, that’s being released and will be available very soon on ITunes.   
Van Houten, a multiple Golden Calf award winner simply owns her audience on everything she does.  She’s mastered her native language Dutch along with impeccable English and German.  I discovered her multiple talents in the fabulous Paul Verhoeven film, Black Book.
She is a regular performer in the Game of Thrones.  She can also be seen with Holly Hunter in a new film called Jackie.  
Carice is considering a film project right now that I’m involved with but, Carice is in demand everywhere.  The America audiences will soon be discovering her simply because she’s fearless and unstoppable! 
I hope to be able to interview that great lady on video soon for this blog.

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