Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Shocking Chicago Child Abduction Cover Up is only Tip of the Iceberg!

Kelly and Amanda with their children      Chicago Tribune Photo
Chicago, IL—Last Saturday evening, at one of Chicago’s most visible landmarks at the Daley Center Plaza a young Caucasian couple were enjoying the Picasso sculpture with their two tender-aged daughters.  Suddenly an African-America, ex-convict snatched two year-old, Myla Davis-Green by the arm claiming the little blond girl was his daughter.  
Imagine the horror that 31 year-old, Kelly Davis and the girl’s mother Amanda Green, both unarmed experienced fighting for possession of their little toddler and her precious life?
After the struggle the kidnapper, James Gates, 55 took off running through streets, alleys and building lobbies.  Davis bravely pursued Gates and finally with police assistance Gates was apprehended blocks away.
I can’t imagine the results of the attack would have been if the couple became so frozen with fear that they let the abduction happen.  The maniac must have had the most unthinkable plans with the innocent and helpless child.    
This story is what our worst nightmares are made of but it did not get media attention for four days!  Chicago’s political creatures are doing whatever they can and have been aided by local media in the effort to cover-up the dangerous epidemic of Black on White crime.
Officials have constantly fudged on the actual murder statistics and suggested that  African-America terror mobs are just ordinary teen-agers out on some mischievous lark. 
The failed Chicago politics of stolen gun and self-defense rights have created an unlivable situation.  The criminals are heavily armed and the law-abiding citizens are helpless, vulnerable and accordingly subjected to unspeakable horror.
The reality of lame efforts by Chicago’s prosecutors and courts to keep known, dangerous and often convicted thugs like Gates segregated from society has made my home town as dangerous as many war zones. 
What will it take to get Chicago’s officials to change their decades old failure to control violence?  Their programs are only considered and accepted if they cost the taxpayers millions and won’t work.
Chicago needs to immediately ask the Illinois Legislature to enact a program that would restore the rights of its law-abiding citizens to carry defensive concealed weapons.
Next the city has a serious police manpower shortage.  The best immediate Band-Aid would be to hire back some of its fit officers who have retired young.  They can be called out for Chicago’s warmer months when crime goes into over-drive. 
To continue pretending there’s no public safety crisis and the incredibly insane policy handing out $1,000,000.00 grants to groups of ex-convicts to control crime has to end.
Chicago’s thugs have been enabled, facilitated and protected by their city administration co-conspirators long enough. 
Chicago’s local media has lost sight of their mission and instead choose act as public relations agents for vile politicians that are snuffing out the very life of a once great city.  Chicago’s media has long ago forfeited the public’s trust.



Anonymous said...

Just ONE of the millions of things that Chicago Politicians and their Tools, the socialist Chicagoland Media, cover up constantly.

Feds= Basically Useless in exposing Chicago Corruption. They pick off a couple politicians every decade, just to make it look good, but never get the real big Fish. Why?

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