Thursday, August 23, 2012

Is Janet Napolitano Jumping the Good Ship Obama?

Waving goodbye to Barack Obama

Washington, DC—Until now Janet Napolitano’s personal reputation was considered somewhat clean.  Yes, the rumors about her lesbian relationship with a subordinate under her in both Arizona and at Homeland Security were never exactly a secret.  I think we can all separate her suspected Gay sex life from those more important issues of integrity.
The Obama Administration is fraught with scandal primarily in the areas of obstructing justice.   The law enforcement activities presided over by Napolitano was simply gutted when it comes to immigration enforcement, border protection and removal of dangerous criminal aliens.  Isn’t that what Homeland Security is all about?
There’s an old saying, “if you lay down with dogs you will wake up with fleas.”  I imaging Napolitano is itching all over about now considering the mutts she’s been around.
I guess taxpayers must get used to paying billions for our border cops and their equipment to simply remain idle as we invite the ignorant, poor and some very nasty criminals from our Southern hemisphere to have their way with all of us.    They can of course enjoy our paying for their medical care, schools as they become addicted to our entitlements reserved for citizens and legal residents. 
Whether you agree or not our immigration laws were enacted by Congress and are the law of the land.  Presidents or anyone that prevents enforcement of the law are committing a serious impeachable and felony crime.  Napolitano is directly in the food chain of those conspiring to break the law.  That should in and of itself make Napolitano beyond uncomfortable. Especially when you consider she prosecuted hundreds if not thousands of people for these offenses while she was the U.S. Attorney for Arizona.
Consider the current litany of lawlessness of Obama’s Attorney General, Napolitano would be first to get scapegoated pushed under the bus.  The Fast and Furious scandal, the New Black Panther voter intimidation cover up and now the mass shutdown of immigration enforcement shows absolutely massive corruption.
Napolitano has become loathed over the TSA and their despicable mistreatment of air travelers.   There no shortage of photos depicting Napolitano as a Nazi war criminal all across the Internet. Was Napolitano just following orders to bankrupt the airline through tyrannical traveler abuse? Or was she acting alone?  Napolitano can retire and disappear now or face the music later as she sinks with the ship.
Currently a sex scandal is rocking Homeland security and it’s brining on lots of negative attention to Napolitano and her circle of gal pals.   What an opportune time for her to say goodbye.  


Anonymous said...

She's a sneaky pervert. In charge of Homeland Security and keeping thngs about her a secret from the American people. I could care less if she's a Lesbo, but why the secrecy? What else has she kept from us, the American Taxpayers who pay HER salary? Typical shifty Obama Administration employee. Tired of Government operating in the dark to hide everything from the American Taxpayers who pay their Salaries and employ them.

Anonymous said...

I think it's time to start making state bar complaints against public officials who are lawyers involved in crimes like obstruction of justice and facilitation. These complaints are easier than ever to make online.