Sunday, November 21, 2010

We Must Stop The Obama Fascism Cold While We Still Can

Washington, DC—Being enslaved by Socialist mandated taxes along with being spied upon by a more powerful and intrusive Patriot Act has been a Hallmark of Barack Obama’s reign. Now his TSA thugs are forcefully genital groping and strip-searching American travelers and that’s just one more visible sign of what’s happening.

The abuse Americans are willing to accept from an out-of-control Police State seems limitless. Americans line up like frightened sheep at the airports. They are in fear of terrorism but now even more afraid of their own government. Americans have become world class cowards. Cowards are always, so easily enslaved as history has demonstrated since civilization began.

With the TSA searches they have slowly crept up and inside American’s body cavities. Obama has used fear as a tool to make Americans comply, both in the iron fisted enforcement of his programs and pandering fear from potential terrorism. The real terrorist is none other than Barack Obama

The Obama government style is right out of a Soviet or Nazi Socialist Police State. This is garbage is exactly why we have fought every war since the American Revolution. We are rapidly nearing the point of no return where Americans must say no, and say it with the only thing Socialist dictators understand, violence.

We have no political recall system for Presidents but they can be arrested, tried, convicted and hanged for treason. Obama has stolen our freedom and that makes him a traitor.

If Americans don’t resist the largest terrorist threat America has ever faced by Barack Obama are freedom and liberty will be doomed.

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Anonymous said...

Obama is an errand boy for the owners of the central banks. The people that need to be removed are men like Jacob Rothschilds.