Saturday, November 20, 2010

TSA is Bullying Passengers, it’s Time for Civil Resistance

Washington, DC—That pretender in the Whitehouse that Liberals love is not really what they wanted. Barack Obama is not a Liberal but a solid Socialist running America as close to a Police State as he can. Aside from extending and ramping up the Patriot Act that the Liberals condemned, he’s, ordered his Homeland Security shill wreck the airlines and tourism industry though their invasive, repulsive and despicable genital groping. Make no mistake it's Obama who is in charge of the TSA.

Children cannot give consent to the genital groping
. Their parents cannot consent for the children to any non-medical handling of their privates. Parents that knowingly allow anyone doing that can in fact be convicted for felony crimes in every state of the Union. There is no special security-groping exemption for the TSA. They are doing this without Congressional oversight.

An adult can consent to another adult desiring sexual contact but never children. The key word here is consent. Touching anyone anywhere without consent is unlawful in every state. When an offender touches your private parts the penalty escalates dramatically.

If you say no to the TSA screeners or they touch your children, always call local police and your lawyer. The TSA enjoys some immunity for good faith mistakes but they can be sued for the intentional violation of your Civil Rights. They should be prosecuted for their crimes.

This is nothing more than an Socialist attempt to destroy the entire vital, travel and tourism industry. Then Obama can be bail it out by more tax dollars and then nationalize it in proper Marxist style.

The latest threat is that if passengers going through the security procedures can’t tolerate the groping or pornoscanser and dare cancel their trip and leave the screening areas they will face arrest and fines.

That’s never happened yet and can’t under our Bill of rights. TSA spokesmen claim that anyone refusing will have to submit to police questioning. I guess these TSA Fascists forget about our absolute Fifth Amendment Right to not talk to police. Making a simple demand for a lawyer will still always shut this down in America. They have to allow your lawyer or a court appointed defense lawyer who will never advise you to say anything at all to anyone.

Since the TSA screeners thankfully are not sworn or trained law enforcement officers they have no power to detain anyone or seize their luggage. If things go sour at a check point and they sense you are about to leave they will again ask to see your identification or passport. Do not give your IDs to them because they will accuse you of assault when you try to take them back. They only want your name to subject you to additional unlawful harassment and indignities.

The TSA screeners cannot make you stand in specific places, raise your arms or even require you to remove your shoes. You have the absolute right to turn and walk away! Buying a plane ticket or entering a screening area does not create an automatic waiver of your Civil Rights. You may say no, or Hell No at any time.

Cooperating with thugs never works under any conditions. The TSA can be shut down through civil resistance. We control them and their funding, they don’t control us. We must give the TSA every bit of Civil Resistance we can or be forced to submit to their tyranny forever.

Watch TSA Thug Butler try and strong-arm me for my camera at LAX. I had to threaten to thow the bitch down the stars to get her to leave me alone. I declined pressing assault charges against her and made her a YouTube sensation instead.


Benn said...

People should really consider this matters greatly, TSA policies should be carefully studied as to the true rationale of their methods and schemes. I think it's time for TSA had their own groping and harassment.

Ed Skinner said...

How 'bout a video with music? See