Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Get The TSA's Filthy Hands Off My Balls!

Washington, DC-The TSA tyrants have made war on American travelers as they freely allow people flying on passports from nations unfriendly to us and dangerous violent convicted felons on our airplanes.

The TSA thugs need to target terrorists and criminals and leave law abiding Americans alone as was the intent of our Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution.

Making Americans submit to sexual groping, pornosanners and unnecessary radiation as a condition to travel in America is disgraceful. This must be stopped.

The TSA has done nothing for real protection but put on a, Theater of the Absurd, they think will dissuade criminals and give passengers a false sense of security.

Now it looks like some in Washington are hearing Americans cry foul. We must tell our politicians that we won’t trade liberty and privacy for their brand of security.

I called my Senators and told them to, “Get the TSA’s filthy hands off my balls!” I think they know that I’m somewhat unhappy.

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Ed Skinner said...

Here's a description of the Israeli approach -- sounds good to me: