Tuesday, November 16, 2010

TSA Thugs Can’t Make Their Own Laws—Feel Free To Resist The TSA

Washington, DC—The TSA is now threatening passengers that are pushed to the breaking point with their sexual assault searches with civil fines of $11,000.00 if they leave the screening area after they entered it. Meaning if you refuse to allow the continuation of the abuse to the TSA screener’s satisfaction you will be robbed too. They’re simply trying to end the TSA passenger resistance movement through additional unlawful intimidation.

This threat is very hollow since the TSA screeners have zero authority of arrest. Even if they had the power of arrest they would still have to have, Probable Cause to believe a crime was committed and that you committed a crime. An example would be they found weapons or explosives on you or in your carry-on baggage.

Since the TSA screeners are not trained, certified or sworn peace officers, you have every right to use force to escape their attempts to detain you. These are simply marginally trained ignorant people wearing impressive looking uniforms. They are most comparable to the Brown Shirted SA thugs of Adolph Hitler’s Third Reich.

The TSA has made their little rule they say to prevent potential terrorists from getting a peek at the procedures without continuing on. That is exactly as lame as it sounds.

The fact is the TSA screeners do not have the ability to detain anyone for any reason. A TSA screener’s demand that you remain in the screening area while they summon supervisors or even police is all bark and no bite.

If you refuse their demands to remain for additional abuse and molestation, you most certainly should refuse to show them your travel tickets or ID a second time. If you don’t you may have to engage them in a physical fight to get the IDs from their possession. They will claim you assaulted them when you tried to take your IDs from their hands.

I don’t care how the Obama Administration tries to resolve this, the Constitution has not changed and your right’s have not been surrendered that would prevent you from saying no to these thugs.

The best analogy to compare the TSA’s rule making to is, date rape. You made an agreement to fly and spend time with the TSA. It turns out TSA screener has bad breath, manners and is too sexually aggressive for your taste. You tell the screener no and he tells you that you have no choice but to submit until he’s satisfied. This is exactly what the Obama Administration is trying to do to Americans.

If this is the direction of American politicians and the bureaucrats they appoint we will have no choice but to stop them in a Civil War. Our freedom and liberty is fragile and will be gone in the blink of an eye if we are too cowardly to fight for it.


Anonymous said...

Paul, You should send that clip to Fox News as they would love that you resisted TSA first! The topic right now is in vogue.. They are dishing well the "Don't touch my junk" guy!

Anonymous said...

Just wait until TSA brings out the Sigmoidscopes & Vasoline. And the stupid public will probably say, well it's for my safety plus it feels good to have that sigmoidscope go up my ss. By the way that bum Michael Chertoffformer head of Homeland (SS)Security made millions lobbying Congress to buy hid companies body scanners for airports. Legalized racketeering.