Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Every American Airport Has The Right To Evict The TSA

Washington, DC—The ineffective and dysfunctional TSA has turned into an rather nasty instrument of oppression against American travelers. The TSA has focused on insulting and provoking passengers rather than investigating terrorism.

If the TSA has their way, soon every airline will become bankrupt and the world’s tourism industry shut down causing millions more Americans to be unemployed.

The TSA has become over-bloated, arrogant, over-priced and downright hateful. There is not a single case of terror known to have been foiled by the TSA. American passengers have proven to be much more effective air marshals than even the few TSA air marshals flying our skies!

Congressman John Mica, (R-FL) has just reminded the heads of more than 150 airports in writing, that they have the power to evict the TSA and replace them with their own security people.

Mica says the TSA’s security program has evolved into a form of “Kabuki Theater”. Mica is the incoming chairman, of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.

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Anonymous said...

Why shoiuld American Taxpaying Citizens be subject to this intrusion into our Constitutional Rights ? Safety is one thing, but shouldn't there be a line drawn somewhere as to infringing on our rights to appease a fanatical religious element? How about banning all Muslims from flying into or out of our Country ? If they don't like it, tough shit. Clean up your Muslim Act and maybe then you might be allowed back.