Tuesday, November 23, 2010

TSA Abuse is Pure Provocation by Obama’s Lame Duck Government for Civil War.

Washington, DC—The Whitehouse thugs are still reeling from the stunning defeat of the midterm elections. Barack Obama knows his Socialist regime will be ending as opposition led Congressional investigations expose his personal citizenship fraud and massive corruption.

Obama is desperate to bypass Congress with emergency Presidential powers. Provoking Conservative Americans into violence would enable Obama to declare Martial Law. Obama would suspend the Constitution as Lincoln did at the beginning of the Civil War.

The plan appears for Obama to bring millions of illegal aliens into his power struggle as law enforcement agencies and military organizations personnel begin to choose sides.

Am I being an alarmist? We know that the Obama government is flexing Fascist muscles with the outrageous TSA pornscanner and genital groping program. Can anyone show me in history were this kind of government behavior reversed itself without a war of total destruction anywhere in the world?

Americans better pick their side and be ready for what maybe a prolonged period of war, food shortages and massive population control. Obama’s forces have little more than two months time to show their hands. Somehow I suspect the revenge of the Lame Ducks may lead to Armageddon.

Hopefully liberty loving Americans have already stockpiled enough weapons and ammunition. Now’s the time to make sure you have a decent supply of food, fuel, water and medicine on hand to get through several months of a very cold winter.

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Eric_B said...

You raise a very interesting point. I have taught the occasional criminal justice class, and have wondered where does the TSA gets any authority at all? Do TSA screeners have the right to make searches and seizures as per sworn officers? Are they sworn officers? Are they even trained in the basics of search and seizure? (They sure haven't been trained in the Fourth Amendment.) I've been through a couple of search and seizure courses, and from what I can see of the TSA screeners in action, am not exactly impressed by them.

As for Obama, when he first came into office, I was willing to say, "Give the man a chance, he being an outsider to the Beltway." Well, he has had his chance, and he has hosed things up in this country where any rational citizen has to question the sanity of the government. When you consider there have been, what, zero Americans killed in terrorist attacks on airlines since 9/12, you have to wonder what is wrong with both Obama and his anti-terror crew. Of course, it just may be that he is too weak to control his own bureaucrats, which is even worse, when you think about it, than him being a penny ante despot.