Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tell the TSA it’s Your Body and Your Property!

The TSA has long ago been allowed by the cowardly sheep in America to bully, intimidate and steal from passengers. The TSA has again ramped up their abuse of passengers by groping and fondling their genitals. This can happen with or without the new X-Ray naked body scanners.

Ladies if you have breast implants your local TSA screeners can be expected to share the quality of your surgeon’s work with their friends. If you’re a well known celebrity you may see your implants on!

Depending on how often you fly you will get an unneeded dose of radiation from TSA equipment that has not been tested for long term harmful effects. Remember, these machines have not been around long enough to study them.

Here are some sobering facts:

1. Children under 18 cannot lawfully give consent to anyone to touch their private parts. Children’s parents have no authority to consent to the groping for them unless it is for medical treatment. Local law enforcement is sworn to enforce child molestation laws even against the TSA.

2. An adult can give consent to intimate groping but who in their right mind would let some TSA loser fondle their genitals? If they grope, fondle or touch without consent this is a sexual assault and local police must investigate and take action.

3. The TSA screeners are quick to demand that passengers stand or sit in certain places as they are told not to move. The TSA screeners have no power under law to detain or arrest anyone. You are always free to leave the screening area. Their commands have no power of law beyond ordering you not to proceed to airplane boarding areas.

4. The TSA screeners are quick to demand that you not touch your property. Guess what? It’s your property and you are free to remove it at your discretion from their tables. The screeners have no authority to use force to stop you.

5. Should anyone demand your name or identification as you’re leaving the screening area, you are under no obligation to cooperate. This is also true if police become involved. If police or federal officers such as the Air Marshal service or FBI demand identification you have a right to refuse unless you are arrested for a crime. Refusal to submit to TSA tyranny is no crime, at least yet.

6. If arrested by police or federal officers you have no right to resist even an unlawful arrest. Try your case in court, not at the airport. The TSA screeners with their Gestapo like uniforms and gold badges are not law enforcement officers. They don’t have the training or the necessary certification that would bestow the power to detain or arrest anyone and seize property as evidence.

7. You may use reasonable physical force against any and all TSA screeners that assault you. You can’t however use that force on police unless they are using unreasonable force against you. Trust me, if you try to use force against police you will nearly always lose in a big way.

8. The unreasonable actions of all government agents are subject to Civil Laws. That is you may sue them over violation of your civil rights.

9. Always report TSA abuse to local police, your United States Congressman and Senators.

10. Americans don’t have to remain cowardly sheep. Failure to resist government tyranny only invites more of the same.


Amusing Bunni said...

Very Good advice! These pervs are off the hook and power mad, much like those who employ them.

Det. Shaved Longcock said...

1/2 of these TSA Mules are pieces of crap.. I be damn if I would let anyone of them place their hands on me.

J. Merton Walkley said...

I know this is nit-picky, but there is no such thing as a "Gestapo like uniform." Ge-Sta-Po is short for "Plainclothes State Police."

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

The Gestapo were normally in plain clothes but like all police also have and wear uniforms at different times.

The Gestapo administrators always wore uniforms.

Anonymous said...
nude protest in Germany of body scanners

Anonymous said...

You're gonna love this story.

Anonymous said...

That nasty TSA witch in the picture probably thinks she's the police. Hahahaha!! I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

A male could fill a prosthetic penis with a very high explosive like HMX and neither the scanner nor pat down would alert. The TSA goof would just think he/she was groping a well endowed passenger, ya?

Likewise, a female could anally or vaginally keister explosives and not set off any alarm. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if the bomber wears gloves when handling explosive compound, the nitrate detection swab is worthless?

Chertoff probably makes a cool 40 million on each unit sold to the airport authority...but, what really bugs me is not Mr. Chertoff being a scumbag and making a killing off our backs, it's the mindset of the simpletons like the wench that was ordering you to stop filming at LAX.

I can understand Chertoffs' motivation...he's making big $$. But, what is a TSA drone getting out of groping a person or telling a grown man not to film? Are some of these folks REALLY that pathetic, that desperate to exert a wee bit of "power" over others that they would denigrate our Constitution for $12/hr?

Paul, SERIOUSLY! Time is running out. If we don't stop these central bank owners soon, we'll be too weak to fight them. Use your private investigator access to give us names every week to "visit".

Let's start with the big cheese, Jacob Rothschild. I believe he has an estate outside of London? Will he be in the states in the near future? Address/Itinerary, Paul. We'll take care of the rest.

You're a good man, Paul...Please help us handle these shot callers. Lloyd Blankfein? Warren Buffet? Rupert Murdoch? Ted Turner? Jamie Diamond? Ben Bernanke?

Anonymous said...

I love how Chertoff is such a "target" yet George Soros who IS a member of the Obama Administration is DIRECTLY profiting just like Chertoff but also is directly involved in forcing the scanners on us.