Saturday, July 17, 2010

Obama’s Hope and Change has Evolved Into a Communist Revolution

Washington, DC—Barack Obama has not delivered on even the slightest improvements he promised. The Marxist scheme of Obamacare is nothing more than a prescription for fiscal doom for Americans and their future grandchildren.

I wonder how many sick people could be treated for the millions of tax dollars being spent to fund elective abortion as a birth control method for the irresponsible. Of Course Obama lied and said that would never happen to ensure the passage of the massive scheme. No matter how you try and define it, pregnancy is not an illness.

Obama has only impressed me with his ability at unbridled deception. Obama has continually manipulated reality and has proven to be a master of the cover-up. Instead of transparency he’s built a brick wall that he and his un-vetted and unelected Czars that have also evaded Senate confirmation have conspired behind.

The Seizure of banks, automakers and Wall Street by the Obama Administration has been a death knell to private enterprise, competition and everything that has made this nation exceptional. Corrupt and inefficient businesses must be allowed to fail in America to provide opportunity for others to succeed. The massive bailouts are an anti-American outrage.

The work of Obama and his fellow conspirators to destroy our economy, currency, national defense and Constitution is nothing less than High Treason.

Remember the dreaded Patriot Act that Liberals say they hated? Not only has Obama made no effort to lift it he allowed it to be expanded. That’s about power grabbing that the dictator needs and nothing more.

Obama has lost the support of the moderates, independents and voters rightly disillusioned by the pathetic performance of George W. Bush that elected him.

Many want to forgive Obama as a inexperienced rookie that’s not up to the job. That’s a big mistake. Obama was and is nothing less than a foreign insurgent and political operative in the process of leading a Marxist/Communist revolution.

Barack Obama is the worst threat to freedom we’ve ever faced. Americans must resist this cabal and the enslavement they’re bringing us. Waiting for elections will prove disastrous.

The Tea Party demonstrations have been an exercise in futility. Americans must find their muscle since their voice has been ignored by the arrogant despots.

Americans have an absolute right to use violence to stop an overthrow of our Constitution by anyone including a rogue president. Failure to act will invite the exact kind government led by Stalin, Castro, Pot, and Hitler to rule our daily lives.

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Executive Order #13489???