Sunday, July 18, 2010

Every Police Labor Organization Needs To Inform Their Officers…

The United States Supreme Court in two landmark cases(Heller and McDonald) made it clear that American’s have the right to possess and carry arms. They have applied the Second Amendment to every state and local jurisdiction.

That means people arrested for simply carrying or possessing firearms, knives and other weapons in common usage are engaged in constitutional protected activity There are some 25,000 laws on the books and many of them are now unenforceable.

Those people wrongfully arrested now have an open door at every Federal District courthouse in America to file lawsuits claiming a violation of their Civil Rights under USC:1983. The individual arresting officers all have a real risk of personal liability! Indemnification by their employer may not be allowed in many cases.

The federal courts can be expected to issue injunctions order awards for damages and attorney's fees.

Politicians like Richard M. Daley and the police chiefs they appoint will offer their cops up like lambs to the slaughter demanding they enforce unenforceable laws. Why should cops risk their children’s college funds to satisfy public officials that defy the law of the land?

Every police organization in the country needs to get a legal opinion from their lawyers on this entire subject. Remember you take an oath to defend the Constitution rather than the illegal orders of your superiors. That, “I was only following orders” defense does not work in any American court.

The simple carrying of a concealed weapon is no longer a crime in America especially in jurisdictions that deny permits or have no shall issue style permits.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Ah, some news for you; What Chicago did was UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

It always has been a RIGHT to own and bear firearms, it is called the 2nd Ammendment!

You want cops and people safer? You just got help!

You want criminals prosecuted?
Change the frickin courts!


You have no idea what comtempt you have shown for the leagl U.S. citizen let alone Chicagland resident you have shown here!


Sure officer PLEASE come take my guns
(all 19 of them) but wait can you do me a favor before you violate my CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS that you SWORE and OATH TO DEFEND.....

Could you please make sure your gutters are clean and you paint the house that i WILL take from you for doing that.While your at it mow MY lawn for me too and clean out MY garage.
A little more news for you.This "gun law" that Tricky Dick and his court of clowns drafted IS ALSO UNCONSTITUTIONAL ON MANY MERITS. It also attempts to blur the power of the STATE (FOID /IDPRF)(ALSO KNOWN AS LAWS) with the City(local ordinances)
Mr Daley, you may not want guns in chicago and thats your prerogative,but remember this too...THERE ARE MANY MANY that do not want YOU in Chicago,as you WILL find out come election time.
Bye bye King Richard the Fascist.


Anonymous said...

There has been COUNTLESS times Ive walked up on Chicago Cops, into their stations and into Court wearing MY gun(s) oooops forgot to mention....
Im not the police,Live in chicago,and there isnt a DAMN THING you can do about it. Get OVER the archaic mindset that "only the police should have guns",as THAT mindset violates your OATH OF OFFICE. Remember your own addage when you are pinned down in an alley on the east side,"when seconds count the police are minutes away" at THAT moment you will be thanking GOD a "lowly citizen" saved your ass with his "illegal" gun.
Some of us out here actually DO have your backs.

Amusing Bunni said...

Chicago laws suck, and they are Unconstitutional.

Unions just try to get rich, but they don't help people.

Anonymous said...

CF,check out the no-no list.

Anonymous said...

To the poster of "July 19/7:17am"

Yeah sure you did. What court did you get into armed? Better yet explain to me just where the East side of Chicago is? Idiots like you give law abididng gun owners a bad name. Go back to Mom's basement you goof. The last thing I or any cop needs is for you to "have our backs."

Anonymous said...