Monday, July 05, 2010

Hero Fireman May Be Freed Because of the McDonald Gun Case

Dixon, IL—Ted Kozak is a genuine hero. He is a retired Chicago firefighter who sits locked up today in a downstate prison.

Kozak never threatened, hurt or killed anyone. He had not been involved in any criminal activity in his entire life.

Kozak was a gun collector and at one point had two valuable collector sub-machine guns in his home safe. The guns were never involved in crimes and were certainly not stolen. They came from a now deceased Chicago cop pal of Kozak.

Contrary to belief machine guns were never banned by the federal government, but only taxed during transfer or manufacture. The politicians of State of Illinois however saw fit to ban them making mere possession a serious felony. Because they are banned in the state, the bureaucrats at the BATFE refuse to allow registration under the Firearms Act of 1934.

Since Kozak was victimized by an absolute and total ban on military firearms by Illinois that deprived him of his Second Amendment rights. Kozak’s possession of those two guns was and is constitutionally protected.

Since Kozak had an absolute right to own and carry these firearms according to both the Heller and McDonald cases there has never been a crime. Very simply the State of Illinois, the City of Chicago it’s police department and various members of the Area two Gun Teem violated ted Kozak Civil Rights.

Now Kozak can file suit in Federal Court and demand an order freeing him. Kozak may also be entitled to damages and attorney’s fees. Let’s hope Kozak’s lawyers are moving quickly to right this terrible wrong.


Anonymous said...

Prisons are meant to keep bad guys away from the rest of us. This fireman is NOT one of the bad guys. We are not any safer with him being locked up. This is an abuse of the system by corrupt politicians and some idiot cops who refuse to do what's right, and that is to lock up the bad guys while leaving the good folks alone. I'll bet that Cook County States Attorney and gun hater Anita Alvarez was overjoyed at hearing of his arrest. I hope he is freed soon.

Anonymous said...

About fucking time!! If I were him, I would sue the fuck out of the Mayor for violating the second amendment to begin with!

Teechur said...

Let's face it. He's in prison because he is a white man. Go ahead, call me a racist but I know when to call a spade a spade.

Until we take back this country from the liberals, the lazy entitled blacks and the corrupt politicians, things are only going to get worse and worse.

Anonymous said...

The last portion of the Second Amendment says "the right to keep and bear ARMS shall not be infringed.

Machinguns are arms,hence protected.Since Illinois does not allow MG possesion,they violated his rights.

I always found it quite silly that you can get 10 years and a stiff fine for not being able to register and pay the $200.

If you do not register your car or drive without plates,can you be imprisoned,or just a simple fine/compliance citation?

Unknown said...

Ted Kozak has been my friend for over 20 years.The injustice done to him makes me ill.I pray everyday that he is vindicated.

Anonymous said...

Jurors are retarded