Sunday, July 25, 2010

Are we ready for President Joe Biden?

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Washington, DC—It’s going to happen well within the 909 days left in Barack Obama’s presidency.  Obama will be removed from the Whitehouse one way or another over his treason, corruption revelations, or his exposed foreign origin. 
Obama’s resignation, impeachment or removal by other means will spark African-American riots in every major American city. That will be Joe Biden’s welcome as he takes the oath of office.  As always the damage and lost lives will be limited to the ghettos and nearby retail businesses.
 Other than being an African, Obama does not have much in common with, nor has he done anything significant to improve the lives of African-Americans.  Having dark skin alone and a Muslim name has not an icon made.  After a year of Jubilation by African-Americans of Obama’s election disappointment is rumbling because things are getting worse instead of improving.  
Joe Biden’s been kept away from daily Whitehouse affairs and is not well-regarded by Obama’s cabinet and policy Czars.  Biden is simply tolerated from the distance and that’s a sure sign that a flood of resignations will follow Obama’s departure.
As for Biden’s moment in the sun, it will be a short one at that.  The Democratic Party will have to purge their Socialists and Communists if they are to survive as a mainstream political organization. Obama's brief Red regime has already run its course far beyond the ability of taxpayers to fund his Socialist dictated entitlement Utopia.
We will have probably an eight year run of new found Conservative policy in the Whitehouse.  Please don’t for a second suggest either President named George Bush were conservatives.  After that the Hispanics, Blacks and Muslims will be the majority that may either reject or embrace Socialism by then.
Conservatives must return America to a free market system with prosperity for all those willing to work for it or the American experiment will perish.

No matter what happens, Obama will have left his mark as en empty suit trying to do the impossible.  He tried to make socialism work in a country that has rejected that form of government.
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Jim McMahon said...

Obama just needs to be arrested and charged with Treason. Impeachment is not necessary, because he is not a LEGAL President.

Joe Biden will never be President, because he’s in on this scam up to his ears, along with Nancy Pelosi, Hillary, McCain, Harry Reid and a host of other corrupt politicians.

We can’t forget all the Judges that violated their Oath of Office by throwing all the lawsuits brought against Obama out of court.

If there is any justice left in this world at all, they should all go down the toilet with Obama for being complicit in covering up the greatest scam ever pulled off against the American people in our lifetimes.

The big question is, “Who’s going to do it?”

Anonymous said...

Biden is an enemy of the Second Amendment.He is a progressive libtard that will spend your tax money on the have nots.