Sunday, July 18, 2010

Chicago Officer Down

Chicago, IL—It was a central District (001) officer who had just finished a shift protecting mayor Daley’s residence in downtown Chicago. He was about to retire under mandatory conditions since his 63rd birthday was August 14th. His name is Michael R. Bailey.

Crimefile News offers our condolences to the entire Bailey family along with his brothers and sisters in blue.


Anonymous said...

I'm a Calltaker for the 911 emerg at
OEMC, and I stated my shift at 0600hrs on that Sunday morning I have 31 yrs and have seen the decline of respect that citizens show when they call 911 , I feel the National Guard are needed to help the police in this uncivilized and no respect for life world, especially in Chicago . 50% of the 911 calls should not be coming in,so that would mean 50%of the jobs police should not be going on. .Please law makers.admit we need the National Guard , so what , as to what that would imply to the nation
there are people that should be out at all . so martial law is necessary ,, or bring the Military draft back like in the 70s

Anonymous said...

== 100 new police officers would be good when thinking in the future, but for now the National Guard would be essential , seeing how there is still enough summer days left .. Oemc or 911 emergency could be best utilized if given back to the Police Dept as during the time the 911 emergency was at 1121 S State.Civilians are not doing a good job running Oemc.