Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ghetto Rats Murder Yet Another Chicago Cop This Morning

Chicago, IL—This time it was an off duty cop who was simply cleaning the windshield on his brand new Buick automobile in front of his own house. The officer had just arrived home after his shift protecting Richard M. Daley’s residence.

Details are scarce right now but it appears there were multiple assailants and apparently lots of shots fired at the scene. The officer was still in full uniform when he was murdered.

This senseless attack happened shortly after 6:00 AM near the intersection of 74th Street and Evans Avenue. Police are still processing the crime scene and trying to determine the motivation and identification of the killers.

This was a career Chicago cop facing mandatory retirement August 14th on his 63rd birthday.

Chicago’s African-American community is in a non-stop, mid-summer orgy of violence. The underpaid, undermanned, out-gunned and demoralized police department is totally incapable of keeping a lid on the ghetto carnage.

Chicago’s corrupt politicians have wasted millions on questionable projects that were never wanted or needed while they allowed the department to degenerate into the mess that it is today.

Mayor Daley will certainly scream about guns again, when he knows full well it was his own corruption and mismanagement that facilitated this deadly anarchy. The Daley/Burke cancer on Chicago must be taken out for good and the streets returned to the law-abiding folks.

The law-abiding citizens of Chicago need to get firearms, training and courage to stop the armed monsters in their tracks. Police alone will never be able to reclaim Chicago.


Det. Shaved Longcock said...

You are right on the money again.

Anonymous said...

Illinois needs STRONG concealed carry legislation(even though 2nd Amendment is absolute).

STRONG Castle Doctrine

Remove all the PC nonsense and BS UOF policies that get officers killed.