Monday, September 11, 2023

New Mexico’s Gun “Emergency” orchestrated by the Whitehouse!

New Mexico—The emergency “Health Order” gun ban  idea issued by Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham came straight from the Whitehouse.  It’s an obvious test balloon to circumvent the Second Amendment.  

Whatever court challenge results will surely be heard by a Whitehouse friendly judge.  Biden’s handlers are laying low in case this fails in order to to maintain, denial plausibility.  If it somehow sticks, Biden will try the same stunt at the federal level.  

Make no mistake this would be a suspension of the Constitution not done since Lincoln’s administration.  The Whitehouse wants to know just how serious American’s are to protect their gun rights.  

Local law enforcement has already balked at enforcement of this but Biden as we know would dare to send ATF and even the military to enforce this tyranny.  This would make the Waco fiasco look like a picnic.  

If this experiment fails  the Whitehouse will continue to deny participation and move to Plan B.  If New Mexico’s people simply surrender, say goodby to the Bill of Rights.  

Democrats learned a lot about control techniques from the first Covid scare.  They are somewhat confident they can pull this off.  Confiscation would surely begin.  Any and all government agents enforcing this treason deserve to be bathing in their own blood.  

 UPDATE!  9/13/23I Federal judge has issued a temporary restraining order, blocking the governors ban on carrying firearms. Because this was a temporary, one month plan the likelihood of an appeal is less than zero.  

Let’s hope this trial balloon has been put to bed forever. 


Anonymous said...

I’m a Democrat and I despise him!

Mike said...

ATF does not have the nuts to take people on. They would have to try to use the military. ATF are pretty gutless individuals that harass business owners instead of chasing down the millions of illegal firearms in this country. You don't see them running down gun runners or guns in Chicago. Why? Because they might get into a gunfight. They are bureaucrats with guns and badges. that is all. They need others to do their dirty work. Unfortunately, for the government. Guerrilla warfare by a bunch of rednecks with guns is hard to fight and militaries lose every time. Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan just to name a few. The most powerful militaries of the world beaten by rednecks with guns. The result here would be the same, but it would come at a high cost most are not willing to pay.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

It’s beginning to look like the governor will be lucky if she is not completely tarred,feathered and run out of town!