Monday, September 11, 2023

America Is A Nation Of Cowards

 New York, NY—22 years after a bunch of suicidal Muslim fanatics murdered 3000 people and injuring thousands more there’s no question this attack could have been EASILY stopped within a few minutes.  

On two of the four flights were off duty, trained, certified cops.  Stupid FAA bureaucrats ordered all but on duty cops from traveling armed.  Two planes would have saved by these cops but for being disarmed by useful government idiots. 

As for all the planes, none of the hijackers were taller or weighed more than the average American woman.  I know this because personally I’ve seen everyone of their driver’s licenses.  

Yes, the hijackers were armed with fake bombs and box cutters. They were Muslim terrorists and history shows that every similar incident ends in total death and destruction.  The passengers had absolutely nothing to lose and their very lives to save by fighting back.  Really brain dead passengers called 911 on the planes phones.  The rest sat like lemmings in their seats faithfully obeying the Muslim monsters.  

Had the passengers instantly stood up confronting these religious thugs Sept 11 would have been just another day.  Some passengers may have gotten hurt but survival for all was all but guaranteed.  

As for Flight 93 with Todd  Beemer and the, “Let’s Roll!” battle cry, it was was way too little and painfully too late.  The “heroes” were busy debating and voting on their course of action instead of fighting back.  There, nice try failed.  Had they not intervened, our Muslims would have had given many Congress members much needed instant term limits.  

Americans have proven themselves to have zero courage,  no ability to think for themselves and they’ve abandoned their God given instinct to survive to anyone seeking to control them.  We’ve become a nation of sniveling cowards.  

Our bowing to politician’s demands during the manufactured Covid crisis reinforced how easy it is to manipulate Americans.   We allowed an election get stolen with millions of fake, forged and unprecedented MAIL IN election ballots. 

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