Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Super narcissist, Jussie Smollett needs to serve his jail sentence.

Chicago, IL— It began only 200 feet from my old home at Marina City in the lower level.  It was in the middle of the night and it was cold as any miserable Chicago winter.  

Smollet’s grand scheme was to pretend to be a hate crime victim, that was beaten, tortured with a hangman’s noose and humiliated.  He would claim his attackers were two white MAGA hat wearing Trump supporters that just happed to be in that desolate area.  Finding  a MAGA hat for sale in that solid Democrat area would prove impossible.  

It is highly unlikely that any racist Trump supporters would have ever watched Smollet’s show, Entourage.  They’d not even know or recognize any of its cast members that were predominantly black.  Yet, the racist attackers, according to Smollet, knew who he was and that he was a homosexual.  

Smolett obviously didn’t know Chicago very well because Trump,supporters are an endangered species in this part of the world.  His story smelled terrible and lacked real evidence and more importantly lacked any credibility.  The actor had failed miserably in his carefully and newly rehearsed  victim role.  

The police and media investigation was painstaking and the two clowns Smolett hired were located and ultimately confessed.  Solid video evidence of them purchasing the props used in the ill-fated episode was embarrassingly exposed. 

The immediate denials and support from Smollett and his band of race baiting fools that included Cook County State’s Attorney, Kimberley Foxx rang like a fire bell. The star-struck Foxx, herself engaged in obstruction of Justice until she was removed from the case. 

Soon the arrest and  initial courtroom drama unfolded into the streets.  This time there was an actual entourage of vehicles including helicopters leaving the courthouse that traveled to of all places, the Entourage production studios.  Once there, Smollett and his clowns managed to disrupt efforts of keeping the show alive after this disastrous scandal.  

We can only guess how well Smolett’s co-stars, producers and crew members thought of that idea.  Ultimately, the show failed and all of the involved actors and crew were unceremoniously unemployed.  Had Smolett not pulled his insane stunt the promising show may have survived several additional seasons.  

Smolett served a few days in jail only to be released pending appeal.  His appeal was just heard in a very liberal court and now we wait for their decision to grant a new trial or not.  

Frankly, Smolett should have gotten several years in prison for his despicable crime.  Instead he will only serve 150 days less time off for good behavior if his conviction sticks.   No matter what, it looks like Smolett’s  acting career has suffered the death penalty.  

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