Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Either we Reduce Violent Crime or we will be Consumed by it!

Los Angeles, CA— Since Covid-19, the release of more than 100,000 prison inmates and the elimination of cash bail requirements there’s been a huge increase of roving bands of masked and armed criminals.  

These thugs are committing both armed and strong armed robberies, car-jackings and home invasions.  They usually arrive in more than one vehicle and they rush their unprepared victims.  They attack retail businesses, individuals and are easily evading police. 

Police have been castrated by the politicians and are strictly  prohibited from making street stops of characters that fit the sex, age and race profiles of the usual suspects. 

There is no government treatment or cure here. It’s absolutely up to all of us to be prepared to deal with these roving bands of dangerous criminals.  

We’re safest at home behind locked doors.  But reality dictates that we must leave our homes to attend our jobs and schools. We must shop for groceries, our every day needs and must sometimes visit a bank or an ATM. God help us if we must use public transportation. 

The predators are out there watching our every move.  But are we watching them?  More importantly are we trained and armed with firearms?  Last year’s Bruen case, handed down by the United States Supreme Court has made it clear, carrying a gun as a constitutional right for the law abiding.  Local, state and federal gun laws are now in intense litigation and won’t survive.  Carrying a concealed weapon is generally only a minor but unconstitutional misdemeanor.  Unless you blab the cops have no way of knowing you had it concealed, assumptions don’t count.  

There’s no reason for any of us not to carry effective semi-automatic firearms with sufficient magazine capacities to deal with these busy criminals. The Bruen case and our rights to be free from search and seizure under the fourth amendment will protect us. 

Of course conflict avoidance must always be our first priority. Why make it easier for these monsters to target us? Never go out looking for trouble.  Just because you’ve got a gun does not guarantee you will win the battle.  

Never consent to be searched by police.  If they are going to search us or our cars without our consent, obstructing or resisting them is not allowed.  The place to argue these things must be in a courtroom, never the street.  Always be polite and civil with the police.  Antagonizing cops never works. Their names and badge numbers will be on the police reports so don’t ask. 

If you employ your weapon defensively it’s absolutely imperative you say nothing to police and simply ask for a lawyer.  Admitting that your shot your weapon is a confession that will haunt you perhaps for a lifetime.  Save your story for your lawyer and the courtroom should you be charged with a crime.  

Most of all if your rushed by more than one person it’s time to use your weapon like you mean it because you won’t get a second chance. Deadly force is allowed if you are attacked by more than one person even if they are unarmed. We call that disparity of force.  Be safe by being prepared. 

We can only stop these criminals by using serious and armed resistance.  It’s better they visit the Medical Examiner than us… 

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