Sunday, September 17, 2023

Nuclear war by ballistic missiles missiles is a bad joke


Washington,DC—All those stories, tests and nation nuclear chest beating is all bullshit.  There may be a few missle delivered atomic bombs that need to adjust to changing geographic considerations, but only a few.  

When the United States deployed two atomic bombs nearly a 80 years ago, they were by necessity delivered by conventional B-29 bombers. They were slow propeller driven airplanes. 

Since then both bomber jets and ballistic missiles exist to deliver these horrifying bombs.  Of course, the bombs are, a little more effective these days with much faster delivery systems.  

Major governments can’t be so incredibly dumb to not have already planted stationary atom bombs in every major city.  Delivery mishaps, or time delay issues are over and setting off the fireworks are a cellphone telephone call away.

With 50 years of easily penetrated American borders, bringing in and assembling nuclear bombs here is no more complicated than building them at home.  Not to do so is unforgivably poor planing. 

I have only one question, what’s hidden in that building next to you?

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