Monday, September 28, 2015

Arrests Were Made In UCLA Coed Andrea “Andy” DelVesco’s Murder!

Los Angeles, CA—Students will be sleeping easier tonight after police announced the arrests of two 22-year old Hispanic men for killing Andrea "Andy" DelVesco. 
Alberto Madina and Eric Marquez are in custody at the Van Nuys Jail. 
This is sure to be a “special circumstance” case meaning prosecutors can ask for the death Penalty. 
Yet to be offered by police is the motive however the drug selling connection is sure to be playing a part in this investigation.

the DelVesco girl and her two alleged killers showed promise as students of making great contributions to our world.  However now we have three young lives destroyed because of our insane Drug War.  How many more killings must we tolerate until we end this madness? We need to redirect our efforts to treat thoes addicted.  

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