Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Murdered UCLA Coed’s Felony Drug Arrest, Did the Cops Fail to Protect their Snitch?

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Los Angeles, CA—21 year-old Andrea “Andy” DelVesco was obviously recruited into the Drug War when the UCLA police arrested her on four felony counts this June.
Police are programed by prosecutors to automatically give Get Out of Jail Free Cards to low level dealers so they can take down the upper echelon drug kingpins.  
Such was the case with this young Texas, double major coed.  She had little choice but to risk her life and become a snitch.
The complaint filed against DelVesco with the court contained an appropriate bail bond recommendation of $120,000.00 to be posted before she could be released from jail. 
What that meant is she’d have to post the entire amount in cash or wait until trial in a jail cell. These things aren’t quick and that could easily mean she’d spend a year or more behind bars before her case was tried of plea-bargained.
Most people don’t have that kind of cash lying around to they must pay a bail bond company.  The bondsmen risk their own funds but charge the accused a whopping ten percent of the total bond.  In this case DelVesco would have to pay $12,000.00 cash to the bondsman that she’d never get back.  On top of that she’d need to hire a lawyer and that would be well into the tens of thousands of dollars.
Because of her own foolishness at her young age, DelVesco suddenly had the worst nightmare of her entire life!
Simply put, police used extortion to force DelVesco into ratting out the criminals that put her in the drug dealing business. Once DelVesco agreed to snitch she was released on her own recognizance without posting a dime for bail.  Additionally she’d be spared from a felony criminal conviction record and a most certain prison term.
It’s easy to understand why the cops aren’t talking now, but the court documents reveal what happened.  The big reveal here is in the handwritten initials “OR” (own recognizance) on the documents.
The UCLA Police Department dropped the ball here by failing to protect their young and vulnerable tattler.  They should have known that the criminals they wanted DelVesco to finger would be both desperate and dangerous. 
If that lapse was not enough wait until you find out how police bungled things in the hours before DelVesco was murdered!  I’m holding out that outrageous reveal until I have additional documents in my possession.
It’s truly a miracle that this fire set to cover up Delvesco’s murder did not become a holocaust killing the numerous sleeping students in Delvesco’s building! 
In the end there is going to be a huge issue of liability for the failures of law enforcement to protect the youngster they recruited from a frightening and really gruesome death.  
DelVesco had a criminal lawyer; however since he’s most certainly going to be called as a witness he cannot now represent DelVesco’s parents ethically.  However, I just happen just know the right lawyer that wants this case!

Here is a link to an NBC 4 report with me by Patrick Healy:


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, Paul. Are you out of your mind? I feel bad for this young lady, but she is a victim of circumstances, if what you are saying is true. Circumstances that she put herself into.NOBODY forced her to distribute narcotics. Nobody forced her to become an informant. Nobody forced her to do any of this, it was her choice. for the thousands of people who are caught with narcotics (which I remind you are ILLEGAL) and subsequently provide information to the police in exchange for lesser sentences, it is the vast minority of them who end up injured or killed.
Now look at the number of people who have their lives ruined (and the lives of the family members and caring people around them) by the use of drugs. So, we are to legalize ALL drugs in order to save a few lives? Risk corrupting the majority of the population for the sake of the few? Your theory does not hold water under the principles that have constructed this society (and frankly every major society in the world).

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

All of the laws and all of the billions wasted on drug law enforcement has failed to do anything but create wealth for criminals. The people that are foolish enough to put that poison in their bodies are not deterred by the excessive cost or imprisonment. The Drug War is a proven failure since there are more people involved in theis nefarious trade then ever.

In this case they caught a 21 year-old girl and turned her into an informant. The cops had a duty to reasonably protect their snitch.

Legalizing all drugs does nothing except allow for the natural selection process to work. Darwin simply explained that process.

Saving the lives of people not even remotely involved in the manufacture, sale or consumption of those drugs is more important. The include robbery victims, people mistakenly targeted because drug criminal mistook them for snitches or competing drug dealers. They also include people mistakenly killed by cops during drug raids instigated by false or wrong information.

The only proper course of action left is to simply treat the drug addicts that want treatment.

I really have zero sympathy for those too stupid to avoid knowingly consuming drugs not prescribed by physicians.