Sunday, September 27, 2015

YouTube, Music, Copyright, Compensation and More Importantly Fair Treatment of the Artists and their Property.

Los Angeles, CAYouTube has changed entertainment and news in a big way.   It’s brought the true democratization of mass media allowing virtually anyone to create, and broadcast whatever he or she desires.  Saying that, there are those issues related to what content gets special behind the scenes promotion by YouTube.  There is a lot of trash mixed in with some stunning content.  YouTube is also a training ground for those that want to shape and hone their skills.
Music lovers routinely steal or borrow music content created by others for their video’s soundtracks. This has created copyright pandemonium.  However it’s not really a bad thing for the artists. In fact new exposure of forgotten music of decades gone by has boosted legitimate sales!
I’m a chronic music thief!  I do it because I fail to see the harm and I don’t get punished.  More importantly I need great music for the videos I create.  There is copyright free material but it’s really lame in most cases.
I’ve become addicted to camera drones and sharing my incredible videos with friends and strangers alike.  I can either do a voiceover or add music to the soundtrack.  Drone video was made for exceptional music. I have to find and borrow music based on type and length so my videos become enjoyable.
Right now YouTube compensates artists through shared advertising revenue. However my numerous friends in Europe are blocked from my videos because of compensation issues.
I say these issues must be worked out for art’s sake!  I’d be willing to pay a reasonable fee to insure my videos are seen everywhere in the civilized world.  I don’t mind the advertising provided it’s fair to the music artists.
Below are some of the drone videos where I placed “borrowed” music.  It’s my hope that viewers will be encouraged to legitimately purchase those songs for their music various devices. 
Cilla Black Sings:
Frank Sinatra Sings:
Richie Havens and Amy Winehouse Sings:
Carice van Houten Sings:


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