Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Latest UCLA Coed Murder Court Report

Andrea "Andy" DelVesco, UCLA coed Murder Victim
Dimitry Gorim represented Alberto Medina 

 Steven Cron represented Eric Marques 
Los Angeles, CA—This was the initial appearance bail hearing for the two men arrested for killing Andrea “Andy” DelVesco.
It began with an announcement by the judge that there would be no photography, video or sketching in court.   Additionally that much of the evidence offered by the DA was privately discussed in judicial chambers and would be sealed.
Both defendants had top gun, privately retained defense lawyers.  Dimitry Gorim represented Alberto Medina and Steven Cron represented Eric Marques.   Hiring these lawyers involves paying a very large retainer up front.  
Only a partial story was revealed by the prosecutor and many more questions remained unanswered.  These are simply allegations rather than proof.  
Words never uttered in this proceeding were drugs, witness tampering or revenge killing. 
For the blow-by-blow description I made a quick iPhone video that I hope provides a window into the courtroom.

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Anonymous said...

Nice job. Good courtroom details. Local news radio, KNX Radio, tries to put the boys' innocence in context of their colleges majors and degrees. Did not realize that Medina was a junior and Marquez was in his 5th year of pre-med. And Andrea was in her 4th year. Awful.