Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Latest Update on The Murder of UCLA Coed Andrea DelVesco

Los Angeles, CA— Police had released the crime scene yesterday, however late this afternoon they returned serving a search warrant on yet another apartment.  That means that the police found enough probable cause to search the other apartment for evidence.  Only KNBC-TV 4’s camera was present and got the video!
Additionally I’ve obtained a copy of a complaint in the L.A. Superior Court charging Andrea DelVesco with four counts of Possession of a Controlled Substance For Sale.
The felony complaint details her arrest by officers of the UCLA Police Department last June. 
In the meantime here is what I have on this very troubling case:


Anonymous said...

Hello Phil, Very impressed with your work. -uclabruin8

Anonymous said...

You are the absolute best at this. Apprecaite your decades of experience and insight and therefore commanding knowledge on a criminal justice system.

Was good that you explained what being "let out on her recognizance" means. It's just very good, Paul. Thank you for your great efforts.