Monday, October 21, 2013

Learning from Mitch Bergsma the Amazing Deaf GoPro Camera Guru

Austin, TX—Recently I’ve joined the GoPro camera aficionados in a big way.  I’ve also learned that YouTube has some terrific tutorials for almost anything.  So I went searching for ways to best exploit my GoPros (so far I have two). 
I found Mitch Bergsma’s YouTube channel and began watching this fellow’s fine instructional videos.  Most of his videos have no sound nor does he speak.   Nonetheless I’m learning a lot from the video tips he provides. 
Bergsma is young, athletic, incredibly creative and happens to be stone deaf!  Having suffered a somewhat serious hearing loss in recent years I’m fortunate in that I’ve been helped with hearing aids that allow me to function quite normally.
Bergsma who was born deaf has also been helped with hearing aids but prefers to work without them.  It’s obvious that he’s adapted very well at a time before the hearing aids were improved as they are today.  Let me be the first to say my hearing aids annoy me but I can’t live without them.
Bergsma communicates in sign language, pantomime and the written word.  He has a great presence and has a great gift for communication even without saying a word.  Bergsma is a true showman!  Among other things Bergsma is a wakeboarder, scuba diver, and video producer.  He does business under the name MicBergsma Productions.  Bergsma also sells the products he profiles on his various Internet sites.
On YouTube MicBergsma has over 70,000 subscribers and that translates to cold, hard cash!  He garners advertising revenue and his strong Internet presence promotes his equipment sales.  I’d say he’s on his way to being a great American success story.
Bergsma posts videos everyday on YouTube about everything like sports, GoPro tips, his life, anything he captured on camera.
Bergsma is an inspiration.


Anonymous said...

Being late deaf, this is inspirational.

Barron said...

Inspirational to a late deaf person.

Anonymous said...

inspirational, but if you decide to get into skydiving, feel free to contact me. There are two active deaf skydivers in Texas. One in Houston and myself lives in Austin. Anyway, Congrats on your 1000th video!

Sam said...

Would you like to direct movies someday?