Sunday, October 27, 2013

OBAMAGEDDON! We Must Purge the Obama Junta!

Washington, DC—Barack Obama and his henchmen squandered a staggering amount of taxpayer cash on everything but productivity or our economy.  They’ve made their friends and supporters obscenely wealthy as they’ve driven so many millions of American to the welfare and food stamp rolls.
The Obamas should have been judged by the nefarious and notorious company they kept.  Instead they were elected on empty promises of hope and change.  The Obamas were inside a criminal Chicago cabal.  Their closest associates included Reverend Theodore Wright, Anton “Tony” Rezko, Rod Blagojevich, Jessie Jackson, Jr., William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.  Communists, terrorists, swindlers, liars and thugs make the inner circle of Obama’s world.
America was incredibly vulnerable after eight years of the mismanagement of that pretend Conservative president George W. Bush.  Voters and our media handed over the reins of our government to a bunch of Chicago’s more ruthless criminals.
Americans are experts in morally bankrupt TV reality show trash such as The Kardashians, but they can’t even minimally recite much of anything from the Bill of Rights or simply name the three branches of government.  American ignorance and apathy has allowed for this disaster.
The showpiece of this gang of criminals was the Obamacare program.  Rejected by Congress and Obama for their own healthcare solutions, this secretly crafted train wreck has been forced on an unreceptive and unwilling America.
In the process our already troubled health insurance industry was put into utter chaos.  Millions of paid health insurance policies are in the process of being cancelled.  Those that sill have insurance are in total shock and disbelief  after seeing their premiums skyrocket well out of financial reach. 
The massive stress created by this mess has cause employers to find ways to under-employ people to avoid the health insurance issues altogether.  Nearly half of the states have opted out of this monstrosity.  American productivity is at nearly a standstill as a result.
The Obama’s paid a school chum hundreds of millions to create the Obamacare website and the results very predictable.  Perhaps the Obamas should have hired some webmasters from popular pornography sites rather than some pal. They don’t have difficulty collecting billions from their customers or protecting their privacy!
Assuming they could make it work Americans apparently have little interest in the disaster called Obamacare. The massive privacy invasion issues along with involvement with the IRS is right out of the KGB, STAZI or the Third Reich!  
As always sick and injured people will flock to hospital emergency rooms and simply not pay the bills.  I can’t imagine how the health care industry will deal with Obamageddon.
Obamacare is on Life Support and it’s time to pull the plug and concentrate on jobs and productivity.  That will only work with massive tax breaks.  Working Americans are usually insured and not dependent on government.  Obamacare has become perhaps the largest tax money embezzlement scheme known to mankind. 
The second biggest mess is our massive and unconstitutional spying on our allies and ourselves.  The Patriot Act along with the TSA, Homeland Security and the NSA has created a massive government criminal enterprise.  
We were warned by three heroes of our information age.  They told us about the the criminality of our government leaders.  Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning deserve our protection.  We need to protect these men and others like them.
All of Europe embraced the Obama Cabal with loving arms.  Now our European allies elected officials have learned they personal phone calls have been monitored at Obama’s insistence.  As Germany’s Chancellor Angelia Merkel and the others wake up they should be looking to arrest Obama on his very next visit.
America can no longer afford to allow Obama and his henchmen to remain outside of a maximum-security prison.

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