Sunday, October 27, 2013

Noemi Schlosser is a Globe Trotting Actress Living Life One Adventure at a Time!

Actress Noemi Schlosser with Crimefile News Blogger Paul Huebl
Antwerp, Belgium—This terrific city is home to writer, director, singer, actress and comedian Noemi Schlosser.  Noemi has traveled to Chicago, L.A., Israel, Spain and all points in between putting up entertainment.  Each project is a new and exciting adventure for this talented lady.  It is also a lot of very hard work.

A while back on one of her visits to the USA she sat down with me for an exclusive interview.  Noemi is bright, funny and delightful.  I spent the day with her taking her to such places as The mausoleum where the late actress Marilyn Monroe is interred, the L.A. Art Museum and the headquarters of the Screen Actor’s Guild where I’m a member.
For me my visits with Noemi both in Chicago and L.A. have been a real treat!  I look forward to our next meeting perhaps in Europe.  I have to say I’m proud to count Noemi as a dear friend!
Enjoy my interview below with this fine lady!

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Anonymous said...

She's definitely easy on the eyes with a vivacious personality. I hope to see more of her soon, maybe a big budget movie perhaps? Keep us informed of her upcoming projects please.