Sunday, October 13, 2013

Crimefile News Editorial The Obamacare Disaster

Los Angeles Emergency Medical Care Waiting Room.  

Obamacare was a overly ambitious Socialist project that could never possibly be realized. It is a bureaucratic nightmare that was spawned in Hell. We must stop this abomination now!
America allowed for a massive healthcare crisis because of the huge invasion of all of Mexico's and Central America's poor illegal immigrants. No emergency room could refuse to provide free services at taxpayers expense for these trespassers.
Obamacare must be trashed and a new effort must made. to allow insurance companies to insure equitably.
We need immigration reform but not what the bolsheviks have suggested. We need to deport the illegals and prevent any more from coming.
Workers are needed and immigrants do deserve green cards if they properly follow the law of the land.
Sneaking past our border guards does not qualify anyone for free medical care, welfare benefits or the right to shape our political policy.

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Anonymous said...

Great post. I only hope your suggestions come to pass one day soon before this country goes belly up.