Monday, October 14, 2013

Why The DC Cops Stood Down During The Face Off With Our Veterans

Obama Loyalist Cathy Lanier
Washington, DC—The Obama Administration sent out the Metropolitan DC police to forcefully remove or arrest aging military veterans from their own monuments. 
The cops were out in force armed with guns, stun guns, clubs, tear gas and riot helmets. When it came to the point of the veterans refusing orders to disperse or to discontinue their dismantling park service barricades the cops simply backed off of their mission and allowed the veterans to carry on.
First and foremost the veterans were peaceful and did not represent a public safety threat. They simply made a strong stand against the fascist Obama junta.
In a stunning display of disobedience the police actually stood down rather than engage in violence against the veterans.  There can be no doubt that Whitehouse officials are livid that the cops allowed the veterans to dump hundreds of barricades at the entrance of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Barack Obama was humiliated beyond words by the cop’s refusal to follow orders.  I fully expect supreme Obama loyalist and police chief Cathy Lanier to make heads roll within her department over the refusal by officers to advance on the veterans.
The fact remains that the all time legal precedent in such matters was established in post World War Two Nuremberg, Germany during the trials of Nazi war criminals.
The accused Nazi’s raised the defense that they were only following orders.  Had they refused to follow those orders they would have been hanged or shot for treason.  That of course was a well-know fact since the Reich was executing anyone and everyone within the military that showed any sign of disobedience to orders. The following orders defense failed. 
The DC cops were really looking at mirror images of themselves when they faced off with the old veterans. They did not have the taste or desire to bear the shame of muscling the very men that had fought for our basic liberty and freedom.
Some will argue that the cops were outnumbered or afraid.  I don’t buy that for a second.  What happened was the officers recognized that their oath of office and duty was in conflict with the orders from the Whitehouse and acted accordingly.
Now it will be incumbent upon Americans to defend and support every DC cop that refused unlawful commands to victimize our veterans under color of law.


Left Coast Conservative said...

How many of the D.C. officers on duty that day were in fact veterans themselves. Quite a few I would guess, and it should not be surprising that they would refuse to follow unseemly, if not illegal, orders when there was simply no threat to people or property.

The VAST majority of police officers are honorable.

Mt Greenwood Hillbilly said...

DC metro or PARK police?

Anonymous said...

Geez isnt that nice of the armed ushers of the state allowing the aged dupes to worship at the alters of the cannon fodder church? Get real people, the state sent all those men to war and dont give two shits about their "service" Whether they came back maimed to worship the state that ALWAYS betrays them or draped in old glory ready to be put in a hole. Read " War is a Racket" by General Smedley. Wake up!

Anonymous said...

"the state sent all those men to war and dont give two shits about their "service""
The current state may not, but We The People do. We respect people who have proven that they are willing to put themselves in harm's way in service to a greater good.
Whether they be soldiers risking loss of life by fighting evil, or police risking loss of career by refusing to obey evil.

Anonymous said...

Take it easy, 9:33. The vets can decide for themselves if they are "dupes". They don't need outside opinion on that. They were in DC to memorialize their lost comrades -- not Abraham Lincoln, and not the state that bled them.

Anonymous said...

Bull Lanier looks like one nasty old henchman.

Anonymous said...

She looks like a total fraud with that uniform on.

Like most political "Generals" who strut around with all those medals they earned in the classroom.

Anonymous said...

The big reason for the cops' stand-down was probably to avoid the inevitable bad publicity that would result from a physical confrontation with the aged veterans. I wouldn't be surprised if Bull Lanier ordered them to stand down. She knows the press would crucify her and her department if the cops started tasering and swinging billy clubs.

Anonymous said...

DC Metro AND Park Police AND Secret Service. I was there.

Anonymous said...

A civil war would have ensued. Vets and Americans are pissed!

Anonymous said...

"They did not have the taste or desire to bear the shame of muscling the very men that had fought for our basic liberty and freedom."

They were veterans of the 1776 war? Our freedoms and basic liberties have only been threatened by our own government since then.

Anonymous said...

the stand down was ordered because in my opinion and experience....the DC cops were not abusing women students or tourists...they were facing men and women who have faced evil before and can take a beating while at the same time administering an 'educational experience' to those around addition the sheeple would have changed sides......which may soon happen anyway....Semper Fi

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with you people??!!! These land marks and parks belong to the people of the United States, not the government!!!! I seems to me that the DC police are the only governing body in Washington that has any sense.Our government was quick to shut down things that the citizens enjoy but have not done without anything for themselves. Oh, and dont feel sorry for us furloughed government employees. We have been informed that we will receive back pay when we return to work. I've had a great two weeks off!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't expect this to be standard practice among these or other police across this nation. Don't expect the same from the military either. These folks might have commanded some respect because they are veterans, but most in the military have had all of their individual thought abilities drilled out of them. When push comes to shove and the ex-military types that make up most police forces these days along with current active military will happily fire upon the innocent citizens of this country when they finally rise up and say "enough is enough." I hope I am wrong, but I fear I will be right.

Unknown said...

Wow. Those cops have big ones. They are awesome individuals!

Unknown said...
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Erick Dean Tripette said...

Mr. Huebl,

Are you really surprised by this?
The precedent for all this began
July 28,1932 when the 'Bonus Army'
in that case was forcefully removed
by Hoover administration troopers.
And let us not forget the rebellion
(Shay's) of 1785 and the 'Whiskey
Rebellion' of 1791-94 that sitting
president Washington smashed while
in full military dress commanding
over 13,500 federal troops! Recall
also the term democracy does not
appear in the american constitution
and the convention for it was boy-
coted by a number of 'founding
fathers' and several states who
refused to send delegates to it!

Brainwashed folks need to examine
the 'american history' they were not taught in our classrooms, then none of this would be a surprise to even a six year old properly taught and educated on the truth about our
history here.

Chicgo, Illinois

Anonymous said...

Blondie Cathy Lanier doesn't even look like a LE executive. Hopefully this will end her grip on DC Metro.

Enquiring Mind said...

Could have been another Bonus Army incident, if not for the common sense exercised by the police - which is becoming increasingly difficult to find.

dez42 said...

Anonymous said...

That is outstanding,the police saw there duty to the veterans of the United States,and done what was right. King Obama has lost his damn mind.hope they will be aresting Obama for his crimes!! way to do what was right officers!! keep sticking up for real Americans... :) not the king.

CPO USN RET Jack Hollinsworth said...

D.C Police did the right thing.
Jack Hollinsworth CPO USN RET