Thursday, April 18, 2013

Arizona Lawyer Arrested for Shooting His Secretary’s Ex-Boyfriend

Tempe, AZ—Tempe criminal lawyer, Joseph Palmisano, 48 is being held for Kidnapping, Attempted Murder and Aggravated Assault today.  Apparently the lawyer’s secretary’s former boyfriend, Ryan Hall, 25 was at the law office when something went terribly wrong.
Hall was conscious and talking to paramedics and police and is being treated at a local hospital where he was listed in serious condition.  
Somehow this case has the familiar impression of self-defense.  It’s unlikely that the lawyer talked to police because of his training and experience.  With only one participant talking to police, cops can be counted upon to label the loser of the battle the victim as the arrest the winner as the suspect.  
We will have to see how this case shakes out but the defense investigation was made for the best self defense specialist private investigator I know at to find the necessary answers. Okay that's me!  

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