Friday, April 19, 2013

Court Records Reveal More about the Tempe Arizona Lawyer Arrested in Shooting Case

Phoenix, AZ—Tempe criminal lawyer Joseph Palmisano appeared before a a judge this morning with his lawyer Jason Goldstein on charges of Atempted 2nd Degree Murder and kidnapping in connection with the shooting of Ryan Hall, 25.  Bail was set in the amount of $180,000.00.
According to a police report, Palmisano who was in his car allegedly approached Ryan Hall in the lawyer’s parking lot with a .357 handgun.  As the lawyer exited his vehicle he approached and ordered Hall at gunpoint out of his car.  Hall grabbed the barrel of the lawyer’s gun and during the struggle Hall was shot in the back.  Unnamed witnesses observed Palmisano entering his office with gun in hand. 
Police took the cooperative Palmisano into custody without incident.
Police said that Palmisano waived his rights against self-incrimination and told them he came to his office to deal with a child custodial exchange for his secretary/girlfriend, Catelyn Foster.  Hall and Foster apparently had a son together in their prior troubled relationship.  Palmisano said he’d been dating Foster for the last six months.
Palmisano told police that he thought that Hall had hacked his computers and tapped his telephones.
The kidnapping charge obviously came as a result of Palmisano telling police he wanted to bring Hall into his office.
Hall told police he was recording the event on his iPhone, which police recovered.  
Hall remained in a local hospital this morning where he’s recovering from his single gunshot wound.
Palmisano was ordered back to court on April 25 @ 8:30 AM at the Southeast Judicial District in Meas, AZ.

A side note here is that even experienced criminal lawyers fail to follow their own advice. Never enter interrogation rooms or waive your right to remain silent.  Simply tell them that you want a lawyer.  On the face of things his blabbing to cops brought on the kidnapping charge and his bail was more than doubled as a result. 

There seems to be a lot more to this story beyond the information provided to the court by the Tempe police.  I'm looking for anyone that can tell me about Ryan Hall's activities good or bad.  Send me an e-mail to housedick @ please. 


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