Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Arizona Has Decimated the Liberal, Feel Good “Gun Buy-Back” Schemes!

Guns from a recent Tucson Buy-back event. 

Phoenix, AZ—In Phoenix and Tucson there is the Large City Disease called Liberalism.  For some reason the larger cities of our nation attracts the Looney political Left and their facilitation of poverty, crime and ignorance. 
Between the larger cities are the smaller ones and the rural areas inhabited for the most part by hard working, law-abiding, and taxpaying productive people. 
The political Right controls the productive and peaceful areas.  The Left abets violence, dependence and ignorance in the places under their control.  It’s is a simple fact that per-capita violence, crime and despair is always over the top in large cities run by the Left.  The collective self-esteem of big city inhabitants is usually right in the toilet.
The Left hates gun rights preferring that their intended victims cannot endanger criminals.  The bans against possession and the carrying of firearms; serves as nothing more than a “Mugger Protection Act”. 
The Left renamed numerous ordinary firearms as, Assault Weapons demonizing them.  Gun safety is a term for handling firearms in a way to avoid accidents.  The Left has renamed that as, "Sensible Gun Laws.”  Their so-called Sensible Gun Laws are simply bans of every description and obstacles that only impact the law-abiding people. 
The Left has found a terrific way to waste tax money and sometimes involve sponsors from the community.  They are the gun buy-back events.  These government gadflies invite anyone and everyone to exchange unwanted guns including toys for tax money!  No questions are asked as they hand out the cash, sneakers and debit cards.  Leftist media collaborators give the politicians free face time while promoting the massive waste.  Then the Liberals all pat each other on the back as the collected firearms are destroyed by wasteful fools.  
Arizona found a great way to stop the ineffective and wasteful buy back events.  They simply created a state law forbidding the destruction of the collected firearms.  Any firearms collected for any reason by state or local government agencies must be sold to law-abiding citizens.   
Phoenix and Tucson can deal with crime by sending the tax money to schools, police agencies and foster parents.  That might actually work to reduce crime far more effectively than these gun buy-back charades.


E Lang said...

There is one thing that can absolutely not be tolerated and that is their use of the word “sensible”.

Future historians may well be asked, “what was the day Americans truly lost their minds” and they may well answer that it was the day that the sane people allowed the legions of the insensible, stupid and backward among them to claim sovereignty over the realm of the sensible.

Let this be a rallying cry for the sane!

Unless we all want to live in an asylum ruled by the inmates we must stand our ground. We must refuse to allow them to adulterate our language and give words any meaning they desire. We must stop the madness before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

No Jobs, No Jobs, No Jobs! Poor corporate policy, CEO salaries 300 Times that of workers. Terrible goverment regulations forcing companies out. NAFTA! Welcome to Welfare America, everybody gets a check for doing nothing.. Now the gun grab, hard to form a Militia without the guns. Sad, sad.. RIP USA.......

Anonymous said...

AZ has been trying to do it's best to fight back against barry and his demented hoardes.We must engage in this arena, the loss of our rights would be too much to bear.If they keep this up they will put this country on a path of destruction the likes of anything we have witnessed in our entire existance.Stay strong Americans , we owe it to our ancestors parents and children.We shall not be defeated.