Sunday, April 28, 2013

Will Our Shopping Malls Now Face Terrorist Attacks?

Los Angeles, CA—There is no shortage of radical Muslims living in the City of Angels.  Planning a bombing and firearms attack here would be incredibly easy for those determined fanatics.
Instead of backpacks bombs and weapons could be brought in without notice using large shopping bags from popular retailers.
Imagine how the untrained and unarmed mall guards would be running for their lives rather than confront attackers.  Gun laws in Los Angeles insure that there will not be any armed resistance to any deadly attacks. 
There are lots of surveillance cameras and someone will make the necessary 911 call.   Will the response be similar to the stunning failure of the Jefferson County, CO Sheriff’s Department during the Columbine High School Massacre?
The question will be how many people with be shot, stabbed, burned with gasoline or blown up by bombs before any armed resistance begins?   The answer is to expect a major bloodbath. 
Have the malls done anything to deal with this very real kind of a threat?  The answer comes in the way of visibly unarmed guards wandering around for minimum wage or little more.  These people are just more hostages or victims.
The corporate suits that make decisions about security matter are not cops.  Worse, they are inclined to take horrible advice from big city police department officials that must stay in political lockstep behind gun-rights hating mayors.  
After a deadly attack they will all exclaim that they took every reasonable step to protect life and property.  That is as long as the steps were guaranteed to fail! 
Do shopping malls have plans in place to resist terrorism?  The answer is that mall patrons can count upon total abandonment.  The government and mall owners can’t and won’t protect mall patrons.  Perhaps customers need to simply ignore those unconstitutional gun carry bans.  If you think wearing a seatbelt is important when you drive so is having a meaningful way to defend your life at a busy mall. 
If you must, shoot straight, often and escape with your life.  Never make any statements to police or anyone outside the presence of a criminal defense lawyer representing you.  
No law to report a shooting exists in America anywhere.  In fact your absolute right to silence is solidly reinforced by our Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination.   Shoot, scoot and stay mute! 


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your timely risk analysis on private policing at privately owned / public venues. The issue main facing the owners of such properties is that they are strictly liable for any harm that may befall an invited guest. That would be for real damages but not punitive. Punitive damages are a punishment for intentionally harming another person. A property owner is only liable for punitive damages if he did not take reasonable precautions to safeguard his guests, such as injuries that might result from poor housekeeping or maintenance. The property owner is therefore compelled to be proactive and take appropriate steps to address foreseeable risks or face punitive punishment of the courts. Generally speaking the courts have held property owners to a rather high standard especially if they specialize in the type of commercial property in question such as shopping malls, amusement parks and concert halls.

Contrary to what our president and his useful idiots would have us believe we do not live in the most violent and dangerous culture on the planet – nothing could be further from truth and that is why the security guards at most major privately owned / public ventures are not trained public safety officers. The traditional stability of our politics has spared us from the sort of violence at that recently visited itself upon Boston. We have had remarkably little political terrorism of that nature in our history, nothing compared to other Western Democracies such as Israel or Germany (during the Cold War - The Baader-Meinhof Gang).

Property owners will eventually be forced to replace their untrained – unskilled “do nothing” guards with real public safety professionals or risk financial ruin IF more members of the religion of peace feel inclined to demonstrate why Hitler prized them as Storm Troopers in his SS Arab Legion so highly during World War II. Muslins proved themselves to be loyal and brutal killers for the Reich with absolutely no moral inhibitions whatsoever. The Third Reich recruitment three SS Divisions from Muslim and Arab men who lived in the Bosnian and Herzegovinian areas of Yugoslavia. These troops were employed to brutally eradicate the resisting populations of the Balkans, in particular the Serbs. Their crimes against the Serbs were so terrible that not even forty years of forced coexistence could dull the horrors from their memories and that is why they took up arms against them when Yugoslavian fell apart – for revenge.

The propaganda against the Serbs was typically absurd and turned the facts on their head of course. The Serbs found themselves branded Nazis and Americans largely believed it because they were unfamiliar with the complicated politics of the region. It was very easy for the leftist propagandists to do their usual tricks. This allowed President Clinton to act decisively and with a moral purpose. As a Christian I could not abide by the program of genocide the Serbs were attempting to carry out against the Bosnian and Herzegovinian Muslin’s and therefore I believe President Clinton did the right thing but make no mistake about it – those Muslims were not innocent victims and if they had the opportunity they would have been “ethnic cleansing” the Serbs. I can’t help but wonder if President Clinton would have been just as eager to intervene on behalf enemies of Fascism – the Serbs.

I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Because they sallow Gun free Zones that = death.

Clear Second Amendment violations.I carry anyway,concealed means concealed,I live.