Wednesday, April 03, 2013

How’s This For A Gun Control Scandal!

Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .38 with Eagle Grips Secret Service grips in pink Kirtinite

Washington, DC—Guns are stolen or sometimes simply lost.  You can believe that loads of hot guns are in criminal hands waiting for an opportunity for deadly mayhem.
The ones reported stolen are listed by gun’s make, model and serial number are listed in the giant NCIC computer maintained by the FBI.  Additional information such as the police agency report number is also listed.  That’s so that a recovered guns can be used to prosecute the criminals in possession and so the gun could be returned to its owners.
Incredibly, by law the government has kept this information secret from the public, licensed gun dealers and firearm repair businesses.  Guns that are bought, sold or repaired are never compared with the list of hot guns.  It’s impossible to say how many criminals avoid detection, arrest and punishment because of this unforgivable and asinine government loophole.
Cops on the street occasionally run serial numbers of guns that are found in possession of suspected criminal and once in a while an arrest is made.
If the list were a public record law-abiding gun owners would never buy a gun without whipping out their trusty iPad and checking the number.  The dealers, repair centers and the public would be more than willing to call the cops and make sure the gun was returned to its rightful owner.  Along the way the criminals involved would be facing arrest and prosecution.  There’s no question that lives would be saved.  
Okay my blog visitors are pretty smart people and I have loads of cops that read my stories.  I want someone, anyone to offer up a good reason that the NCIC hot gun list should not be made public.  Somehow I don’t think that will happen.
Perhaps it’s time to ask the politicians for a real “common sense” gun law that would bring about the arrest of many armed criminals.  If you’re like me you know our politicians advocacy of gun control is nearly always disingenuous.   Making the hot gun list public is a true no brainer. 


David Snethen said...

Great Idea!

Anonymous said...

The reason is because most in the LE field feel that this is "special" info and only "they" have access to it.This is because "they" have a perceived need for specialness to fuel their delusions and grandeur thoughts,like its a special security clearance,like they are 007.

Anonymous said...

Yes Paul, so true. This, and many other things, should be easily available to the Public. Unfortunately, Politicians dont care about effective Law Enforcement, they care about Political Power, Control, Money, and Votes, little else.