Sunday, February 13, 2011

Government’s Warrantless Searches of Americans are Tyrannical and Pernicious

I don’t care where you go anymore some government agent is violating your privacy and Fourth Amendment rights. Searching law-abiding people as dangerous criminals is something out of an Orwellian nightmare. It is here and like in all police states people are simply afraid to question the abuse of authority.

We’d normally expect protection from our courts but as it turns out our courts are some of the biggest offenders with their intrusive and unlawful search programs. They are not going admit they are violating anyone’s rights or end their misconduct. We need our elected officials to take their oaths to support, defend and protect the Constitution seriously or remove them.

Here are just some of the places when your rights are violated by our tyrannical police state:

1. Entering commercial aircraft.
2. Entering a passenger train.
3. Entering a government building.
4. Entering a cruise ship.
5. When reporting for mandatory jury duty.
6. When responding to a court subpoena as a witness.
7. Entering venues for sports and concert events.

One thing for certain the numbers of places where you must submit to searches formerly meant only for criminals is increasing every day.

They suggest this kind of search happens only after you waive your rights and that’s total nonsense. They suggest that you don’t have to enter these places if you want to avoid being gropped, fondled and insulted. That’s like saying you can avoid bad air by simply not breathing.

Americans must travel by air and rail. The must do business in government buildings and there are sometimes serious penalties for those who refuse to enter government buildings.

When you raise this issue with folks they will say that, “times have changed and things are different now.” That’s a ridicules and ignorant statement to make. We have gone over 200 years in this country without suspending the Fourth Amendment. That was even during the Civil War, World War One and World War two.

In America we are only a heartbeat away from having the kind of government that was ruled by the likes of Josef Stalin, Adolph Hitler and Mao Zedong. You must stop despots in their tracks or perish.

My question to America is, when will we have enough of this tyranny? As always, what's past is prologue.


Anonymous said...

Easier for the Lazy, Ball-less Government to go after Law-Abiding Sheeple than to tackle the Real Problem, because they are mostly all Cowards.

Granny Grip said...

We are no longer a Free Constitutional Republic. We are living under a globalist hegemonic empire.