Saturday, February 05, 2011

Snitches are Vital to Barack Obama’s Police State

Dallas, TX—Barack Obama’s answer to Heinrich Himmler wants Super Bowl fans to become Homeland Security snitches. Janet Napolitano brought her plan to recruit busybodies and others that don’t have a life to become her secret police to the Super Bowl.

The Gestapo was a relatively small organization that relied on a huge snitch network during the 12 year Nazi Reich horror. Government clerks simply read the snitch reports and dispatched the Gestapo officers who quickly rounded up those turned in by their neighbors for resisting National Socialism.

There will always be those despicable people in our world that turn their neighbors and family members in for fun and profit. They need to be identified, exposed and severely punished by American patriots.

I’m not suggesting that robbers, rapists and killers should not be exposed but the new Homeland Security program is clearly looking to get a handle on resistance to their political efforts to fundamentally change America into a Socialist form of government. We all have a duty to report real crime to local authorities.

Homeland security has been deliberately vague on the type and scope of information they’re looking for other than to say, suspicious. That is a sign that they want petty details in volume to selectively use against counter-revolutionaries and patriots.

We must dismantle, de-fund and decapitate Homeland Security while we still can. This organization’s direction is absolute control over Americans and the total destruction of our sacred Bill of rights. The TSA’s full frontal assault on our Fourth Amendment is just Napolitano’s opening act. This is no small threat. What’s past is prologue.


Anonymous said...

Plenty of rat finks nowdays.

Anonymous said...

the Invisible Man has never been apprehended.