Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Obama’s Carpetbagger to be Chicago's Mayor

Chicago, IL—Okay the fix was in on the court challenge over residency. The Welfare Zombies have spoken and the worst possible candidate has won. Of course the others were all real stinkers.

This is the end of police & fire pensions because the cops and firefighters did not support him. There is still money in the pension fund to mismanage, lose or steal. The devil himself will be destroying what’s left of Chicago’s tax base.

Get rid of your Chicago real estate and take the monumental loss. Get out while you can. We are in for a second Civil War and only God can help us now. It will take decades for Chicago to have any hope as a livable place.

To survive you will need to be in a place with a clean water supply and necessary food. The people stranded in Chicago will be helpless.

To my copper pals I say it can only get a lot worse and it will. If you catch a person with a gun and he has no criminal record and is a genuine taxpayer let him or her go. Tell them to stay safe. You will need these people when things blow up. Barack Obama clearly plans to be the second president from Illinois to suspend our Constitution.

If I sound pessimistic it’s because I am. What’s past is Prologue.


Anonymous said...

A sad day for Chicago.

Voters have elected BHO's right-hand man as their mayor. Apparently, recent history taught the voters absolutely nothing.

Det. Shaved Longcock said...

The war is coming upon us... soon!

It's McTwitter! said...

Paul, where can a retiree move to? Where do you reccommend?

I'm going overseas (Singapore, then to Bali) on vacation. If I find a good spot, I may move there and become an ex-patriot.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

You must go somewhere where freedom still exists. Montana, Arizona or Nevada. Keep your address hidden from government.

Anonymous said...

Well said Paul. Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

the only truly free man is the Invisible Man.