Sunday, February 06, 2011

Boycott the Absolute Cowards of the NFL

Dallas, TX—Super Bowl Sunday will be a fest for cowards and sheep. An American event will be transformed into something America should be deeply ashamed of. No longer can we say we are in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Francis Scott key would pull his song, The Star Spangled Banner from this event if he were alive today. The mutual cowards of the NFL and our Federal government are frisking every attendee of the Super Bowl. They’re looking for weapons, cameras, laser pointers, fireworks and a host of additional harmless items such as simple hair spray. Metal detectors and pat-down frisking await anyone foolish enough to submit to this garbage.

Any real American would skip this candyassed exercise in pure revulsion. I have stopped attending any event where the venue demands patrons be frisked. No event that carries a frisk as part of the price of admission will be attended by me.

This year I’m also going to skip watching these NFL cowards on TV too. No Super Bowl commercials or half-time shows for me. Yep, I already turned down one Super Bowl party invite. Thinking about tens of thousands of sports fans submitting to the un-American frisking in a Police State has zero appeal for me.

This is not the country I grew up in and I am losing interest in living here with so many sickening cowards.


Anonymous said...

It was always said that we would be destroyed from within!!!

Teechur said...

Jones sold the seats that barry and michelle were gonna sit in if the Bears had won. He sold them for $290,000 each! Never gave a thought to giving them to a couple of soldiers on leave or maybe a couple of veterans.

Jones, his pig of a wife and the asshole who bought those seats are just another example of why our nation is failing.

Anonymous said...

The September 11th 2001 attacks accomplished its mission.

Anonymous said...

I much rather see those dumb Negroes picking cotton...doing something productive. Never spent a cent on football or any other diversion. We surfers rather be in the water watching the sun set.

Anonymous said...

Join a shooting club.Do some real American past times like shooting sports,hunting and fishing.

It's McTwitter! said...

Paul, I know what you mean about not interested in living in the USA. This isn't the country we grew up in. It turned to shit when the Clintons got in office. I'm thinking of Singapore as a place to live.

Anonymous said...

So you would rather go to an event where the guy in the seat behind you has a fully loaded Glock, he just broke up with his wife, his oldest son just told him he's gay, he has a younger son who is on life support after a failed heart transplant, and the guy is looking to make a name for himself at the Super Bowl by killing as many innocent fans as he can.

Or, the patrons can be frisked so this doesn't happen.

Pretty clear cut if you ask me.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

That is as cowardly a statement as I have ever heard! You're over 100,000,000 times as likly to be killed in an automobile accident than by some stranger at a football game with a gun.

Please! Say home and watch the game but I'm sure you're afraid your house will be hit by lightening!

Not only are you a coward you're really stupid!

Please tell me when the last time a man with a gun killed innocent people in any sports stadium with a gun.