Thursday, February 03, 2011

Sig-Sauer’s dazzling .45 Rings My Bell

Las Vegas, NV—I’ve been so busy I’ve not gotten all my SHOT Show favorites up to share with the Crimefile News viewers.

This is a variation on the P-220 .45 ACP that has a lot to offer. This Sig would also make a great service pistol for a street cop.


Anonymous said...

Like that long slide. How many rounds in the mag? What's the suggested msrp?

Anonymous said...

Kinda big for ccw,no?

Anonymous said...

The P220 is a proven platform.I carried one for years without any problems.I really like the stainless steel P220 that came aout some years ago.

I dont know if those type(Bo-Mar)of sights would be a good choice for a duty gun.