Thursday, August 19, 2010

Reporters Misinforming their viewers and readers...

News reporters although educated are sometimes very ignorant and don’t even try to get the information correct. The reporter said, with real authority in her voice, “The suspect was armed with a high-powered rifle.” The gun she was talking about was a little AR-15/M-4 style semi-automatic carbine.

A high powered rifle fires rounds nearly twice as big as and much more powerful than the little black carbine. Aside from firing much larger rounds, high powered rifles are longer and weigh more than carbines so they can handle the more powerful cartridges.

Where the reporter went wrong is she did not bother to get her facts straight. She saw the black carbine and it just looked somewhat impressive so she renamed it and gave it magical power.

This is exactly the mistake lawmakers made when they banned certain types of weapons. They rely on ignorant members of the Brady gun control organization for their misinformation.

That wooden stock rifle can reach out and touch targets much further away and do a lot more damage than that little military looking gun.

Assault rifles are fully automatic rifles that are more suitable for warfare because they can send a lot of little rounds to a target in a hurry. The semi-automatic look-alike rifles are not suitable for warfare since one pull of the trigger only fires one round.

Reporters almost never get this right. If they don’t know and don’t care they should simply call it a gun.


Anonymous said...

Who controls the media in America? Ask them why they are a cabal of liars and thieves.!

Anonymous said...

The primary reason the AK and AR rifle platforms (both assault rifle and sporting semi-automatics look alikes) work is because they are LOW POWER rifles.
The recoil generated by HIGH POWER rifles tends to make them uncontrolable in full auto or rapid fire semi auto modes.
Don't wait on these talking heads to educate themselves where this issue is concerned as their mind is made up and they will not allow themselves to be confused by the facts.
Paul in Texas

Anonymous said...

I like my AI AW .338 Lapua,works great for warfare.